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Seven reasons why you need a report template

Improves brand consistency

You ensure consistency in design and branding across all company reports, improving the overall image and reputation of the business.

Enhances collaboration

It’s easy for multiple employees to work on the same document and collaborate effectively, leading to better decision-making and faster problem-solving.

Saves time and resources

Report templates are pre-designed and customizable, saving businesses time and resources that would have been spent on creating reports from scratch.

Increases productivity

The template includes in-document productivity tools to help boost productivity and improve business workflows.

Improves data accuracy

Data is automatically updated in the reporting template. Your data is ALWAYS accurate and up-to-date, which leads to better decision-making.

Ensures compliance with industry standards

With a report template you provide your business with a report creation solution that is compliant with industry standards.

Facilitates communication

The most efficient way to create, manage, and share reports, allowing businesses to quickly and easily share information with stakeholders.

Taking corporate reports to the next level

Renowned Danish design icon Bang & Olufsen trusted Omnidocs to design their most important documents.

What is a report template?

Create corporate reports in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Report templates are the ultimate solution for businesses looking to create professional, high-quality reports that truly represent their brand.

Our report templates are based on knowledge and best practice elements and can be tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. Together, we add bespoke design and custom content features.

Omnidocs’ report templates are intuitive and encourage collaboration, making it easy for employees to work on-brand, and have fun while doing it.
It’s called a report template, but it’s so much more – it’s freedom within a framework.
It truly enables employees to collaborate and create better corporate reports.

Our report templates come in either PowerPoint or Word, and you can work in Excel, and have all that data directly inserted and automatically updated in the report template, creating a much better process. The reporting template is the defining template for your company, it’s the document that has the highest visibility like your annual report.

Take a look at our report templates and see the difference for yourself!

See the tools in action

This is how Arla created their award winning 2022 annual report

Anja Bremholm Hvass 

“For the first time, we created Arla’s Annual Report 2022 in Word using the Omnidocs tool. Our design ambitions were high, and it was a complex task with 150 pages in 6 language versions, different types of page design, tables, graphs, and visuals – but no matter the complexity of the challenges, the Omnidocs team found the solutions and supported us all the way through the process. We are really happy about the result, and we will highly recommend Omnidocs for self-design reports.”

"No matter the complexity of the challenges, the Omnidocs team found the solutions and supported us all the way through the process. We are really happy about the result and highly recommend Omnidocs for self-design reports."
Anja Bremholm Hvass, Corporate Reporting Project Manager, Arla
Industriens Pension
Created with: Microsoft Word
Design partner: Christina Dyrberg
"The preparation of the group's annual report has always been fruitful and positive. Omnidocs' suggestions for layouts and presentations were beautiful, useful, and easy to use."
Annemarie Rønn Sieck, Senior group controller, North Media
Created with: Microsoft Word
Design partner: Demant inhouse designer
“One big advantage is that we control and own the annual report document throughout the editing process. The solution has made the creative, writing, and proofreading process very flexible and ultimately made the process more efficient.”
Iben Steiness, IR Director at Carlsberg
Created with: Microsoft Word
Design partner: Noted
GN Store Nord
Annual Report 2021
Created with: Microsoft PowerPoint
Design partner: Omnidocs
“Thank you for a good and valuable relationship. I (and the Lundbeck Foundation) have been delighted to get complete control over the annual report. I have found the tools to be very user-friendly and intuitive.”
Birgitte Schou, Vice President of Finance, Lundbeck Foundation
ESG Report 2021
Created with: Microsoft Word Design partner: Operate
“We are at the very top. You would think that our annual report is created by a design agency and not a small team of employees with content skills and no design experience.”
Thomas Beck Sørensen, Head of Communications and Regulatory Affairs, European Energy A/S
Annual Report 2021
Created with: Microsoft Word
Design partner: BystedFFW

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