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We make every workday work better.

Omnidocs is not just a new name. It’s a new brand with a new identity. We look different and we sound different, but we still act the same.

Up until now you might have known us as SkabelonDesign, but we’ve evolved into Omnidocs.

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What if you could make every workday work better..?

Imagine a workday where compliance is by default, where guidelines create room to experiment and where efficiency and happiness walks hand in hand.

Introducing Omnidocs

All about the people

What if you could make every workday work better..?

A new and better us

Say hello to our new identity.
New brand, same values.

We are transforming, but we are still the same people and the business is based on our strong culture and intense domain knowledge.
Jeppe Schytte-Hansen
CEO, Omnidocs


Since 2004, we’ve been squeezing more productivity out of screen time, freeing up room for talent to shine with our scalable approach to document creation. This was our passion 17 years ago and it’s still our passion today. Up until now you might have known us as SkabelonDesign, but we’ve evolved into Omnidocs.

We’ll still be working very intensely with templates, design and content, automation, accessibility, change management, document consulting, productivity tools and practically everything else that our clients need along their document journey. And we’re still your go-to guys and girls when it comes to Templafy solutions

Our purpose is very straightforward:
We make every workday work better.

About Omnidocs
Services and solutions

Above anything we're a document company.
Our solutions and services cover (almost) everything that interacts with documents

Time to say goodbye to disconnected content

This is the end of important business documents circulating randomly in the never-ending computer universe, where it is impossible to find the things you’re looking for. Often this scenario probably forces you to use some content that is quite different from what your brand manager told you to.

Luckily, help is on the way – meet Templafy!

A platform solution that connects content across all company-owned platforms and brings it directly to the end-user in an intuitive workflow. If you think this sounds like a platform you can’t live without, you’re not alone.

Every office worker needs this.

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We are Omnidocs, but still...

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