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Template Management

Tired of looking for the right colors? And the right font, and the right logo and the right slides?

Oh yes, we could go on and on…

Let us help with your templates… and make every workday work better.

Your company and employees will shine and sparkle like never before

With the right templates, you’ll safeguard your company’s visual identity and create a consistent look and feel in all your documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

The best part is that you can create exactly the template or templates you need. Whether it be letter templates, brochure templates, templates for reports, tenders, agendas, memos or a seventh kind of template, it doesn’t really matter. The only limit is your imagination.

Templates empower and enable your employees to devise their own documents or materials in house, at the same time complying with the guidelines for your company’s visual identity. Our Word, Excel and PowerPoint templates are intuitive and user friendly, making it easy for users with no graphic skills to use them. This makes it painless and fast to enhance your company brand in the eyes of the outside world.

Template Management using Omnidocs makes it a whole easier. Contact us now and learn more.

Time to say goodbye to disconnected content

Meet Templafy!

A platform solution that connects content across all company-owned platforms and brings it directly to the end-user in an intuitive workflow. If you think this sounds like a platform you can’t live without, you’re not alone.

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