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Tailored Tools

Bring your document game to highest level

Imagine being a high-end chef…

You want to provide wonderful taste sensations and experiences. Your knives must be the very best and sharpest on the market, these insanely high-quality chef’s knives handmade in Japan.

So, you visit a knives boutique. You ask to see the product catalog and find that not only does the shop sell knives, but they also offer spoons, saucepans, graters and whisks – all uniquely created for high-end chefs. Right in this very shop you can find everything you need to do your job even better and faster….


Now, let’s create another image
(probably much closer to reality)

If you’re a specialist user when it comes to creating tenders, reports, legal documents, etc., in Microsoft Office. Then Tailored Tools is your knives boutique.

Caught your attention? Look at these delicious features

Tailored Tools gives easy access to relevant styles, directly in the ribbon with menus and sub-menus named for each specific use case

Tailored Tools is an extension of the EssentialTools solution from Omnidocs. Tailored Tools offer you a selection of tools that are tailored to the subject matter expert composition of your organization. We’ve customized important productivity tools for clients across the world. Now they are curated and collected in one toolset.

You decide which of these tools are needed to support your document-driven processes and fields of expertise. They are highly specialized and together with EssentialTools they greatly enhance productivity and compliance in your documents. 

Below you’ll find a list and explanation of each of the features included in the Tailored Tools toolbox.



Advanced Cover page dynamics

The cover page is an important visual for every document, so allowing end-users to create great looking and on-brand covers is a game changer.

For tenders or visual reports, users might need guidance to get to the most relevant cover page – and this cover page might have several visual options – all of them easy to understand, but not easy to consume.

With advanced cover page dynamics, we allow users to toggle between different variants and settle on the best fit.

Advanced paste support

In some industries, there's a need for copy/pasting a lot of content across very different template configurations. With advanced paste support, these troublesome copy/paste tasks are significantly simplified. You'll be forever grateful for this feature. Pinky promise.

Advanced paste support allows users to map styles and to some extent will automatically map styles, even though the content source is unknown to the template in use.

Advanced Print

To support requirements for certain watermarks, trays or color settings for users with high print needs, here’s a toolset supporting one-click customized print and print dialogue.

Connector options

With Tailored Tools comes a link option to external data sources. This allows “single source of truth” when it comes to data.

Our connectors can connect to all elements in Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and as well react to events triggered behind the scenes by any user action.

Enhanced style support

A broader range of style-supporting features, developed especially for users that are heavy users of Microsoft Word.


Reuse allows a user to move content into the new template set without corrupting the styles or the sections in the receiving document.

Reuse fulfills copy/paste needs when transitioning from one design to another and enables a user group to move old or foreign content into new templates.

Finalize functionality

When documents are done, it's in many cases important to take out comments, track changes, author details and other elements that might not be relevant for the recipient.

The finalize functionality brings this forward in the Microsoft Office ribbons to ensure that users remember to use these features. Users can also be alerted on save if that's a prerequisite.

Link to Excel charts/tables/cells

This allows users to more easily link content to spreadsheets, update content and get a better overview of linked elements – with no risk of sharing the data driving the visuals.

It's designed as an easy-to-use tool and is very efficient for linking between charts, tables and cells (Excel), Word and PowerPoint.

Outlook recipient address connector

Easy to onboard connector that allows users to insert their Outlook contacts as recipients to letters/minutes/agendas, etc.

Page setup functionality

Even experienced users might struggle with changing page setups on advanced documents for special use cases on individual pages. Now, changing page size and selecting between portrait/landscape is simple.

Save naming conventions

Specific naming conventions can be hard to follow if there’s no tooling around. With Tailored Tools naming support is built in, so all users will be following company guidelines.

Pick n' Mix

Tailored Tools is not a standard package - you decide which features you need

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