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Essential Tools

The collection of features you love

Specially chosen, optimized and made easily available to everyone

We’ve made the most essential tools available to your organization to support basic on-brand document creation. It works in PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

If you haven’t had any training, functionalities that are taken for granted in Microsoft Office can be very difficult to use, while perfectly honoring the corporate brand.

Essential Tools is a set of tools that enable easier access to most features used in the Office suite, which are on-branded templates as well as features that solve a simple use case. Each tool is brilliant in its own way, but together they really make your workday work better – that’s why we’ve created this collection specially for you.

The features you love, optimized and made easily available to everyone

“In the Toolbox you’ll find a collection of the most frequently used PowerPoint features in one place. The features are standard Microsoft Office functionalities, but with Essential Tools you’ll never have to look for them again.”

Want to know more about the features?

Below you can explore each of the features in Essential Tools. Each feature is a step that can make your workday work better.




Color selector

Color selector allows you to work with colors in Microsoft Office, easily and efficiently. The color features work as you know them, but also offer the option of defining which colors should be available for all users and all templates. This may be your corporate color theme, a list of custom colors or default Office colors – the choice is yours!


Guides allows easier toggling of formatting marks/table gridlines and the ruler in Word.


Everybody loves how Templafy inserts images in documents – nice and easy, cropped to the placeholder. Here's the solution for images stored locally with the users. ImageTools includes crop, fill, fit, compress and reset that are found directly in a ribbon where the most frequently used tools are gathered. Also, ImageTools contains a function that automatically adjusts the image you're inserting or pasting to the placeholder. This is not normally supported in PowerPoint.

Language selector

Easy selection of language within the entire presentation. Control the language of all slides in the presentation with a single click – placeholders, text boxes, everything! Simply put, this means that you're able to choose the spellchecker language throughout the entire presentation, and not just for the individual slide as usual.

Paste & formatting basics

Copy/paste is the Achilles heel of MS Office. Get the support needed to all users. With this feature, you can single-click customize content to a placeholder. No more tables, pictures, graphs, figures, etc., not fitting the intended placeholder. Now, that problem is solved “just like that”. Want to insert as an image, remove all formatting from what you want to insert or paste without formatting? All can do. Easy.

Style/Level selector

Word is famous for Styles, and they're core to good quality documents. Along with great Styles support in Word here it is: Styles for PowerPoint. A great PowerPoint template is built with 9 Levels/Styles. Many users don't understand how to use the different levels, and they're therefore rarely used. We've added the ability to access your styles directly from your ribbon with naming that you decide on to make it as easy as possible for users to support your branded Levels

Update fields

Update all fields in the body and header/footer sections of a document and update any reference fields in the entire document – both done with a single click. This includes table of contents, figure numbers and other fields with automatic count. For example, refresh the table of contents, headers and footers and other references with a click, and release to update each reference field separately.

Essential Tools are epecially chosen, optimized and made easily available to everyone

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