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Productivity sounds good, but what’s up with all this productivity talk?

The Oxford Dictionary defines productivity more or less like this…

“Productivity is the rate at which a worker or a company produces goods, and the amount produced, compared with how much time, work and money is needed to produce them”.

So, productivity equals less time spent and more money! We all agree that that’s a nice thing to achieve, right? But what about happiness?

Happiness is key to productivity.
When you’re happy, you’re productive and vice versa. Therefore, our productivity tools are designed to reduce time on the boring stuff so the entire workforce can focus on being both happy and productive.

We give you this: Omnidocs ProductivtityTools! EssentialTools and TailoredTools, and both work directly in PowerPoint, Word and Excel

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Here’s what you need to know about both Essential- and TailoredTools



EssentialTools has the features you love, optimized and made easily available to all users. Microsoft Office is the main tool for white collar workers. Most of us, however, have not had any formal training on these tools. We've made the most essential tools available to your organization to support basic on-brand document creation. EssentialTools is a set of tools that enable easier access to most features used in the Office suite, which are on-branded templates as well as features that solve a simple use case.


TailoredTools is an extension of the EssentialTools. It offers a selection of tools that are tailored to the subject matter expert composition of your organization. We've customized important productivity tools for clients across the world. Now they are curated and collected in one toolset. You decide which of these tools are needed to support your document-driven processes and fields of expertise.