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Corporate Tables

Problems with making the right tables?…

You're not the only one. In fact, 50% of all companies run into problems when working on tables and charts in Word and PowerPoint*.

Corporate Tables helps your colleagues make the right tables that always reflect your company’s visual identity. This tool easily tackles the insertion of tables in Excel, Word and PowerPoint so that you never again need to worry about whether colors and fonts are correct, whether legends have been correctly positioned, or other layout-related issues.

The easy-access formatting tools make it easy for all members of staff to customize the table for their specific needs in every presentation, every slide and every layout. This makes it possible to customize title, subtitle and notes, without ever having to worry about compromising with the CVI. It’ll help you safeguard a consistent look in PowerPoint presentations, reports and other documents, no matter who’s clicking the mouse.


*That’s shown in a survey of 500 large and medium-sized companies in Denmark.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it's not!

Let us give you just a few of the pros:



Guaranteed consistency

Implement Corporate Tables in PowerPoint, Word and Excel to guarantee a consistent visual expression.

Custom font and/or colors

Integrate your company’s font and color themes so that the tables reflect your company’s visual identity.

Freedom within a framework

Provide your colleagues with easy access for customizing and individualizing tables – always within the framework of your company’s visual identity.

Standard is boring

Implement tables and designs that are not standard in Office suite.

Spend time on the fun stuff

Reduce the time spent on formatting and designing tables.

Making good looking tables is tough. Making good looking tables that works is even tougher

Does the above sound familiar. Then Corporate Tables is what you need

Contact us, and we'll give you a tour of the solution.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s still pretty smart.

It protects the brand and gives enough creative freedom for talent to shine through.