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Corporate Charts

Problems with making the right charts in PowerPoint, Word and Excel?

… Then you’re not the only one.

In fact, 50% of all companies run into problems when working on charts and tables in Word and PowerPoint. This is shown in a survey of 500 large and medium-sized companies in Denmark.

Corporate Charts helps you make the right charts that always reflect your company’s visual identity, without demanding a large effort from you. This tool easily tackles the insertion of charts in Excel, Word and PowerPoint so that you never need to worry again about whether your colleagues use the correct colors and fonts, whether legends have been correctly positioned, or other layout-related issues.

Don't worry and struggle no more

Corporate Charts enables all users to stay on brand while creating and finetuning Microsoft Office charts
What's so good about it? Allow us to tell you
  • 01
    Format everything
    Easy-access formatting
  • 02
    Use your own words
    Customize it
  • 03
    Consistency is key
    Safeguard the brand
  • 04
    Microsoft Office
    It work across platforms

The easy-access formatting tools make it easy for all members of staff to customize the chart for their specific needs in every presentation, every slide and every layout.

Sounds too good to be true, right? It's not!

Let’s give you just a few of the pros:

  • Adapt charts to your company’s visual identity with a single click.
  • Always use the right fonts and colors in all your company’s graphs and charts.
  • Make charts visually correct, so you can reuse them in reports and presentations without worries.
  • Customize chart layouts with easy access to formatting tools.

Want even more goodies?

If you like Corporate Charts, then you’re probably going to love Corporate Tables.

Corporate Tables easily tackles the insertion of tables in Excel, Word and PowerPoint, so that you never need to worry about whether colors and fonts are correct.

Then there’s the third member of the visualization tools family; Corporate Infographics. Just like it’s two siblings it enables organization wide brand compliance without clamping down on creativity.

Corporate Infographics helps you transform data into meaningful infographics in just 30 seconds and takes your communication efforts to the next level. You will be compliant with the CVI and always strengthen your company brand without breaking a sweat.

One click compliance...?

Sounds like a dream, right? Well... It's not

Reach out and get a demonstration of how Corporate Charts can align your visual identity

It’s almost like a magic wand. Except it’s your mouse or touchpad that makes the magic happen.

One click compliance awaits…