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Corporate Charts

Create on-brand charts in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel?

50% of all companies run into problems when working on charts and tables in Word and PowerPoint. This is shown in a survey of 500 large and medium-sized companies in Denmark.

Corporate Charts enables you to create charts that reflect your company’s visual identity without demanding a significant effort from you or your colleagues.The solution easily tackles the creation and insertion of charts in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
With Corporate Charts, you never need to worry about whether you or your colleagues use the correct colors and fonts, whether legends have been correctly positioned, or other layout-related issues.
You are on-brand by default.

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Enable the entire organisation to be on-brand by default

With Corporate Charts you can assist your company and colleagues stay on-brand, while saving heaps of time on adjusting chart design and layouts.
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    One-click adaption of all MS Office charts
  • 02
    Compliant across the entire Microsoft Office suite
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    Not limiting yourself to one color
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    Fine tune your chart

One-click adaption of all MS Office 
With one-click all charts will comply with your company’s visual identity.

Get fonts, colors, line thickness and 49 other settings in place – with one-click of a mouse button


Easy to use and always on-brand

Create on-brand charts in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word

Corporate Charts enables all users to create on-brand charts from the three primary Microsoft Office applications; Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.
It is designed with usability in mind, making it easy for users to copy/paste charts seamlessly from one application to another.

One click compliance...?

Sounds like a dream, right? Well... It's not

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It’s almost like a magic wand. Except it’s your mouse or touchpad that makes the magic happen.

One click compliance awaits…