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DocuMotor - document automation to the next level

Automation software for PowerPoint (ppt), word documents and other types of documentation

DocuMotor by Omnidocs is a document automation platform that allows any system or process to benefit from document generation. DocuMotor is both system and data agnostic, meaning any system capable of transferring data can be used to automate documents.

The DocuMotor user interface is fully scalable and functions independently. The solution enables data to be automatically implemented and/or transformed into any required format and output; documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF) and/or element (e-mail, website, database).

  • DocuMotor is a Document Generation API as a Service (SaaS)
  • DocuMotor is a document automation self-service portal
  • DocuMotor is system and data agnostic, meaning any system capable of transferring data can be used to generate automated documents
  • DocuMotor is based on Microsoft Office templates, meaning administrators can work in familiar environments


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What is document automation really?

We've asked Omnidocs CTO Morten Hald Mortensen that exact question

Let Morten talk you through Omnidocs’ view on document automation, what our DocuMotor engine is, and how you can utilize both to improve your business processes

What is DocuMotor

With DocuMotor, the power of automation is handed over to all companies and all users.

DocuMotor is your access to a document automation self-service portal.

  • Empowers users to generate documents quickly with little training
  • Data is updated in its natural environment, but remain accessible, usable and implementable in any format and output needed
  • Enables all users to have updated data available in the formats and outputs they use, instead of lying dormant in a database
  • Enables all users to focus on their primary tasks by automating data transformation into any required output. Data is managed in the database, but automatically accessible in the formats and outputs needed to utilize it
  • Automatically generates output documents that have been enriched with the data in a quicker and more automated way
  • Multiple data sources can be merged into any single document output, such as tenders, resumes, letters, products sheets, presentations, etc.

Each automation template contains both data transformation and a template definition. The data transformation e.g., makes sure that your products are filtered and ordered correctly, numbers and dates are formatted, and the correct sections show up in the document. The template ensures that the visual design is compliant, and that the document represents the freshly transformed data. DocuMotor makes sure that your data fits the document you want to generate.

Documents are amazing and even more with our document generation software

Whether they are created in Word, PowerPoint, Excel or even Outlook, they are vessels for information. Documents support businesses, by forming a static piece of information that enables people to give feedback, comment and agree on the content. At Omnidocs, this is one of the most important reasons why we love everything that interacts with documents.

Templafy X Omnidocs

DocuMotor CPQ - Document Automation
Learn how Templafy, the global leader within content enablement, has used DocuMotor to improve their sales processes, their average deal size, their data fidelity, and increased the happiness of their sales reps


Do you want to know more about how Templafy has used DocuMotor to enhance their Salesforce CPQ?
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Who needs automated document generation & automation?

Document automation allows organizations to reduce manual data entry, minimize proofreading time, and reduce the risks associated with human error. Document automation is most critical for users who deal with heavy amounts of documents and frequently need to create routine documents at scale.

Various industries benefit from document automation for a range of use cases.
Every industry, field, and office should be looking for a way to automate its document creation.




Sales documents

Often, Sales teams must prepare transactional documents like proposals and invoices, negotiate on contract terms, and take part in contract management. Automated processes create workflows that frees up time, allowing sales teams to focus less on administration and more on generating sales.

Contracts are an invaluable part of the sales process. Being able to streamline them enables sales teams to retain valuable clients, close deals faster and focus on sales instead of having to distract lawyers with routine contract drafting. If your sales team does not have the support of your legal team, it is important to have the most updated templates and to be able to draft flawless contracts without spending too much time on them.

Document automation software for Word helps you draft documents based on your current needs. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions that will determine the final look of the document. Or perhaps the process starts directly in the CRM system. The system (‘opportunity’) holds all the data needed to build the quote, and from there the individual rep might want to add a cover letter or details that builds rapport via context.

Reps can only move as fast as the documents they’re producing. With document automation, they can close deals faster, create invoices more efficiently and accurately and achieve business outcomes faster.

Product management documents

Manufacturing companies that are blessed with many SKUs also have the curse of high complexity in their work with creating an overview of what they are selling. Whether it is a B2B or a B2C company, working with labels, catalogs and other documents tied to the SKUs can be fully automated with as high design ambitions as needed. Go ahead and combine your product data with your corporate branded designs, and why not wait with the document creation until someone presses download on your website?
Go ahead and combine your product data with your wonderful corporate designs – and why not wait with the document creation until someone presses download on your website?

Recruitment and consultancy documents

In recruitment and professional services, CVs and references are key to being able to operate. Oftentimes, the data is available somewhere in the organization but the work with creating the actual documents is dragging out as it poses a massive effort.

Document automation is about creating the designs and structuring the data. If the data is not 100% accurate to what is needed, then a solution that includes data transformation will be ideal.

Legal documents

Access to organized information and distribution is key to law firms and legal teams. Moreover, document automation helps law firms and legal teams automate the creation of documents quickly and accurately. Contracts, approvals and other legal documents usually entail complex clauses, values within the clauses, names and dates. These aspects make those documents time-consuming and expensive to create manually.

The document automation software uses your firm’s already existing legal documents, such as contracts, purchase agreements, estate planning documents, leases and licenses to generate automated templates, which you can use to create new legal documents.

Government agency documents

At the local, state, and federal levels, government agencies are drowning in paper. While many agencies still heavily rely on paper forms, applications, reports, and records, they are also under pressure to streamline operations and reduce operational costs.

With document automation, government agencies can save time by quickly and easily generating repetitive documents such as reports, meeting minutes, RFPs, inspections, administrative decisions, stakeholder responses and more.
Public-facing documents, such as record requests, tax forms and benefits claims can be automated by linking web forms to backend document generation, preventing repetitive work in the process.

Healthcare documents

Healthcare is one of the industries that can save big on implementing document automation to generate, manage and transform contracts, insurance policies, invitations, and claims. The healthcare industry is one of the largest generators of documentation, accounting for 30 percent of total data created globally per year. Generating complex documents from defined templates containing crucial business logic and rules, can streamline entire departments’ work by reusing content and reducing the most repetitive activities. Another advantage is the quicker sharing of information, providing real-time access to the data behind healthcare documents.

Flawless dynamic documents with document automation

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