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Document Automation Transformed

In digital transformation processes, automation is an utopia that can seem out of sight – or even out of reach.

With DocuMotor we bring automated document creation to life. 

DocuMotor is a data agnostic platform that can transform data from any source in any format and convert it to a clean output, structured to your needs.

Documotor - template software for automation & generation of document templates with design and brand requirements in mind.

With DocuMotor you can automate the process of extraction, transformation and presentation

About DocuMotor
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    DocuMotor brings data to life
    Accessible, usable and implementable in any format and output needed.
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    Data transformation
    Generate data-enriched output documents
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    Data accessibility made easy
    Accessible in the formats and outputs needed to utilize it.    
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    Multiple data sources
    Merge multiple data source into a single document output

DocuMotor lets data live and be updated in its natural environment (a database), but remain accessible, usable and implementable in any format and output needed. That means spending less time looking for features, copy-pasting and transforming data into an endless array of formats and outputs, while having more time for useful work.  

With our DocuMotor, the power of automation is handed over to all companies and all users

DocuMotor is your access to a document automation self-service portal.

When talking about document automation, data is a vital ingredient. But even if you don’t have a structured database, DocuMotor is the place to get started. DocuMotor enables you to create documents and presentations automatically from any service capable of utilizing REST services.

Fully automate your documents
Sounds too good to be true? It's not

DocuMotor is all you need

DocuMotor is the engine that automates document creation.

From pretty much any data input, from extensive database to single Excel sheet, to any document output you can imagine: tenders, resumes, letters, products sheets, presentations, etc.


Documotor - Automated document generation that meets requirements for design and brand recognition parameters

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We’ll grease up the engine, change the oil and make your document engine run better than ever before.