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Document automation for healthcare documents

Healthcare is one of the industries that can save big by implementing document automation to generate, manage and transform contracts, insurance policies, invitations, and claims.

Add data transformation to the mix!


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Automation is the next step within data and document managemet

Sending out millions of letters with personalized data and carefully curated information is a difficult task. If done correctly, it can save vast amounts of time, not only for the patients, who will receive relevant directions to place, time, and needed preparations – but also for professionals in need to send out information.
Imagine how many resources are spent directing visiting patients to the right place or sending them home too fast before the procedure.

Lots of different solutions are in play in the healthcare industry, and very few or none have a focus on document output. The ones who do are generally not very flexible, as changes and customization work to healthcare tools are very expensive.

DocuMotor is driven by data and has no requirements to data structures, as we transform data to the needed output at any given time.

Finally, it’s possible to send letters with input from more than one healthcare toolset and put the patient in focus – not the available toolset!

Being able to create formatted documents on the back of data from several source systems is a key strength of DocuMotor.

DocuMotor will allow you to design letters and appendices for the patients and not limited to the many output restrictions in healthcare systems.
It enables you to put the patient communication before the system.


Very simple steps

Create design – create template to match. Link the template with data, and watch the magic happen

Eradicate human error

A product sheet or product catalog has many details – SKU#, images, links. If it works in PIM, let the same data work in your documents

Tailor to your patients

No two journals are the same. But you can set up rules for various bundles of conditions and leave content dynamics to these variables

Fine tuning made simple

Design changes? Edit the template. Content changes? Edit data. Simple as never before and instantly live

Document automation can generate, manage and transform contracts, insurance policies, invitations, and claims.

The healthcare industry is one of the most extensive documentation generators, accounting for 30 percent of total data created globally annually.

DocuMotor is built to bring all your business data into your important output documents.
Your data stays safe in your system, and you don’t need to involve developers to manage the solutions. With DocuMotor, your essential business document becomes legal, and brand compliant by default, the risk of human error is removed, and your documents can look better than you ever imagined.

Generating complex documents from defined templates containing crucial business logic and rules can streamline entire departments’ work by reusing content and reducing the most repetitive activities.
Another advantage is the quicker sharing of information, providing real-time access to the data behind healthcare documents.

Why do you need document automation software?
Nine easy reasons to chose DocuMotor

Automating document production increases the efficiency and compliance of organizations.

With document automation, you can create a wide range of documents in a fraction of the time it previously took. Want a list of some of the countless advantages of document automation?

Document automation explained

How do we explain document automation?
We’ve asked our CPO Morten just that question.

In this video, Morten shares his idea of modern document automation and elaborates on how DocuMotor can transform document automation moving forward.

It’s a great introduction to a world of document opportunities!

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