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Recruitment and professional services

In recruitment and professional services, CVs and references are crucial to operating. Often, the data is available somewhere in the organization, but the work of creating the actual documents is dragging out as it poses a massive effort.

With DocuMotor, you take control of your data and documents. You can easily manage the generation of documents and simultaneously provide the organization with up-to-date, on-brand, and compliant documents at their fingertips.


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Automated resumes, CVs, and references generated directly from your existing data

DocuMotor does not only automate document creation. It also offers you the opportunity to transform and enhance data for specific markets and clients

It’s not hard to imagine how much data is generated regarding CVs and resumes.

Many issues arise as the amount of data increases, and the simple output overview gets harder to create and personalize.

Maintenance: Who will ensure that everything is up-to-date, always? It can be challenging to find relevant colleagues to adjust the data and even harder to allocate the time to do so.

DocuMotor is simple and based on MS Office. If you know how to update a Word or PowerPoint document, you know how to update DocuMotor.
Unlike other solutions and platforms, DocuMotor is solely designed for output generation. It is unintrusive, allowing you to keep your existing setup, while still providing you with a premium solution for output generation.

Integrate data from multiple platforms, sources, and databases into your document templates

To recruitment companies, data is the business. The data journey consists of the needs of the client and the many facts about the individual candidates. The recruitment business is to present the right candidate(s) to the client. And, of course, stand out while doing so, both with the brand and visuals.

Many easy-to-read briefs and CVs need to be created based on complex data in seconds – every day.


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Automation is the next step within data and document managemet

Document automation allows organizations to reduce manual data entry, minimize proofreading time, and reduce the risks associated with human error. Document automation is most critical for users who deal with heavy amounts of documents and frequently need to generated routine documents at a scale.

Every industry, field, and department should look for ways to automate its document creation process.



No confusion in big data

DocuMotor enables structure and overview, no matter how complex your data is and how many variables that control the final output

Eradicate human error

With no humans involved – no human errors occur. All documents are generated based on data and defined variables

Tailor to your clients

We acknowledge that the data structures and tech stack is built over time. Don’t try to fit in, get document automation that fits your setup

Fine tuning made simple

No need for expensive developers to adjust the output. Base your design on e.g., PowerPoint, and make design changes yourself and save developer time for other projects

Document automation explained

How do we explain document automation?
We’ve asked our CPO Morten just that question.

In this video, Morten shares his idea of modern document automation and elaborates on how DocuMotor can transform document automation moving forward.
It’s a great introduction to a world of document opportunities!

Why should you automate the document creation?

Six easy reasons to chose DocuMotor

1.  Easy to adjust:
Document templates are created in and can therefore easily be changed in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

2.  Preview in the browser:
You can preview any changes, both to data and the template, directly in the browser

3.  Brand, output, development:
Layout and visual changes made easy. Changing the output definitions and bindings requires no development setup

4.  You decide where you want:
Cloud, private cloud, or on-prem. Fully managed by Omnidocs or run in your infrastructure setup

5.  Test and automate:
Test with excel, automate with REST. Templates can be created from sample data, Excel sheets or executed via REST API

6.  Transform data:
Multiple templates can use and display data in various formats, languages, and ways.

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