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Sales Management

Business documents are essential to the modern sales department. However, the process of creating them is often still a manual, time-consuming, and error-prone process leading to inaccurate sales documents and data, frustrated sales reps, and lower win rates.

It is time to take control of your sales documents.
We offer you a better way to manage the generation of documents and simultaneously provide the sales organization with up-to-date, on-brand, and compliant documents at their fingertips.

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Creating enriched sales documents

Document automation allows organizations to reduce manual data entry, minimize proofreading time, and reduce the risks associated with human error. Document automation is most critical for users who deal with heavy amounts of documents and frequently need to create routine documents at a scale.

Every industry, field, and department should look for ways to automate its document creation process.


No confusion in big data

DocuMotor enables structure and overview, no matter how complex your data is and how many variables that control the final output

Eradicate human error

With no humans involved – no human errors occur. All documents are created based on data and defined variables

Tailor to your clients

No two clients are the same. Personalize your quotes to a higher level, than adding Google images version of the client logo

Fine tuning made simple

No need for expensive developers to adjust the output. Base your design on e.g., PowerPoint. Make design changes yourself and save developer time for other projects

Contracts are absolutely
essential to us

“Contracts are absolutely essential to us. Automating the document process has had a huge commercial effect – in particular in terms of increasing our deal size.”

Stefan Jensen
Global Vice President

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Why should you automate the sales document creation?

Six easy reasons to choose DocuMotor

  Time kills all deals:
Less time spent on document creation, generation, and administration – Fast and reliable document generation.

  On-brand by default
Documents are ALWAYS on brand and constructed correctly – Say goodbye to ugly quotes with poor-quality content.

  Everything in ONE system
Generate quotes, proposals, and contracts enriched with data from outside your CRM system – pictures, graphs, legal terms, product information

  Happier (and better) sales reps 
Enable your sales organization to focus on sales, not document admin, creation, and generation – DocuMotor does it automatically

  Higher data fidelity
Automated documents mean accurate data in your system – Now you can accurately forecast everything: churn, renewal, win rate, etc.

  Better sales results
Automated sales processes enable you to increase average deal size and sell more – Better documents, better sales.

Automated sales documents generated directly from you CPQ or CRM system

Sales teams often must prepare transactional documents like proposals and invoices, negotiate contract terms, and participate in contract management. Automated processes create workflows that free up time, allowing sales teams to focus less on administration and more on generating sales.

Contracts are an invaluable part of the sales process. Streamlining them enables sales teams to retain valuable clients, close deals faster, and focus on sales instead of distracting lawyers with routine contract drafting. If your sales team does not have the support of your legal team, it is essential to have the most updated templates and to be able to draft flawless contracts without spending too much time on them.

Document automation software for Word helps you draft documents based on your current needs. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions that will determine the final look of the document. Or perhaps the process starts directly in the CRM system. The system (‘opportunity’) holds all the data needed to build the quote, and from there, the individual rep might want to add a cover letter or details that build rapport via context.

Reps can only move as fast as the documents they’re producing. With document automation, they can close deals more quickly, generate invoices more efficiently and accurately and achieve business outcomes faster.

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Document automation explained

How do we explain document automation?
We’ve asked our CPO Morten just that question.

In this video, Morten shares his idea of modern document automation and elaborates on how DocuMotor can transform document automation moving forward.
It’s a great introduction to a world of document opportunities!

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