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Document automation software

Sharing your data so that it has the maximum impact is crucial. But so much valuable data dies in dull documents, inaccurate presentations, and convoluted reporting processes.
It doesn’t have to be that way.


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Sales, CRM, and CPQ system
document automation

See how you can implement DocuMotor and use document automation to increase sales data and document effect.

Sales teams often must prepare transactional documents like proposals and invoices, negotiate on contract terms, and participate in contract management. Automated processes create workflows that free up time, allowing sales teams to focus less on administration and more on generating sales.

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Recruitment companies and professional services
document automation

Learn how you can use DocuMotor and document automation to create better output documents faster.

In recruitment and professional services, CVs and references are key to being able to operate. Often, the data is available somewhere in the organization, but the work of creating the actual documents is dragging out as it poses a massive effort.

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Manufacturing companies and product management
document automation

Read how DocuMotor can be used to automatically generate always up-to-date product sheets and overviews.

Manufacturing companies blessed with many SKUs also have the curse of high complexity in creating an overview of what they are selling. Whether a B2B or a B2C company, working with labels, catalogs, and other documents tied to the SKUs can be fully automated with high design ambitions.

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document automation

Read how you can use DocuMotor to generate enriched healthcare and medical documents.

Healthcare is one of the industries that can save big by implementing document automation to generate, manage and transform contracts, insurance policies, invitations, and claims. The healthcare industry is one of the largest documentation generators, accounting for 30 percent of total data created globally annually.

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Government entities
document automation

See how document automation can help government agencies save time by quickly and easily generating repetitive documents.

Government agencies are drowning in paper at the local, state, and federal levels. While many agencies still heavily rely on paper forms, applications, reports, and records, they are also under pressure to streamline operations and reduce operational costs.

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What’s the best way to share data that represents your organization?


What is document automation?

Document automation captures and reuses document knowledge.

Document automation is the process of transforming documents into intelligent templates. Templates which are then used to create 100% accurate, clever and compliant documents and presentations again and again.

Document automation captures and reuses document knowledge. Documents best suited to automation are usually used often, high-value, and critical to the success of the company. The corresponding templates contain and fulfill crucial business logic. The templates use the correct data to generate accurate documents, customized to fit exact requirements for every user need.

The process of generating documents can involve users or be fully automated.

Most value can be derived from fully automated document generation. For some clients, our products and services become their company document engine. But even in very high volume automated systems, user input may be required to handle special cases and exceptions. For simpler processes, the use of user-driven document generation is all that’s required. No matter which option you choose, we’ve got you covered.

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Flawless dynamic documents
with document automation

Automating document generation increases your company’s efficiency and reduces the margin of error while empowering the specialists to create accurate documents every time.
Read this whitepaper to gain insights into the different levels of automation and how you can get started on your adventure with document automation.

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Document automation software

What is DocuMotor

DocuMotor is a document generation platform that enables any system or process to benefit from document automation. The solution is system and data agnostic, meaning any system capable of transferring data can be used to automate documents.

The DocuMotor user interface is fully scalable, functions independently, and is unintrusive, meaning it does not interfere with your existing systems or tech stack. The solution enables data to be automatically implemented and/or transformed into any document format and output that you require.

Microsoft Office

  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Word

Other: E-mail, website, database

The document templates are created in Microsoft Office, a solution that most users are familiar with. This allows you to make contextual and design changes in the template without having to call upon designers or IT developers.

Increase your average deal size with document automation

Case  Study
Learn how Templafy utilized document automation software to increase its data fidelity and average deal size.

Templafy implemented DocuMotor to automatically generate quotes and contracts from their existing Salesforce CPQ solutions.
Read the Templafy case story.

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How DocuMotor differs from regular document automation tools

With the DocuMotor solution, users can quickly generate on-brand, compliant, and always up-to-date documents with very little training.

Instead of lying dormant in a database, DocuMotor makes the crucial business data available directly in the formats and outputs used in important business documents.
Data is managed in the database but automatically accessible in the formats and outputs needed to utilize it. This enables all users to focus on their primary task instead of spending hours on end importing data into and designing business documents. With DocuMotor, this process is automated, and users have access to output documents enriched with up-to-date data and content.
DocuMotor can use multiple data sources and merge the data into any single document output, such as tenders, resumes, letters, product sheets, presentations, etc.

To manage the document automation process, DocuMotor relies on dynamic document templates. Each dynamic template contains both data transformation and a template definition.

The data transformation ensures that, e.g., your products are filtered and ordered correctly, that numbers and dates are formatted, and that the correct sections show up in the finished document.

The template definition ensures that the visual design is compliant and that the document represents the freshly transformed data. Together the two elements ensure that your data fits the document you want to generate.

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External data sources

In DocuMotor we have created a data connector to ensure that we can fetch data from other sources – in a simple way! No requirements to data

Advanced Excel Dynamics

We do advanced Excel bindings to export data into spreadsheets and still benefit from our data transformation services

Data transformation based on instructions

Restructure data based on formulas utilize data to match context and document on-the-fly number formatting (comma/dot/currencies). Data translation (USD = $)

Metadata updates

Metadata updates inside Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Open XML documents in existing DMS systems

100% automation

No hands involved

Behind the scene compilation

Utilize existing toolsets as frontend: Homegrown tools or SaaS tools

Multiple documents

Create a multitude of versatile documents from one trigger

Frequently asked questions about DocuMotor

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Which output formats are supported?

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Why are you using MS Office for document automation?

Question #3

Do I need to have a dedicated server with MS Office running?

Document automation is an ongoing journey that enhances the value and usage of your data and documents.
With DocuMotor, you get an unintrusive and user-friendly solution that does not add complexity to your existing system and tech stack.
But what does that really mean?

Frequently asked questions about DocuMotor.