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Have you ever thought about making your documents accessible?

There is no doubt that all people should have access to your website. If you want to reach that goal, the first step is to ensure that your online documents are accessible for people with visual impairments.

When making your online documents accessible, you create a happier life and better workdays for 28% more people. Web accessibility is the right thing to do. Not just morally, but also legally.

In some countries, web accessibility is a legal requirement. Since 2018, The European Web Accessibility Directive has aimed to give people with lowered vision better access to public services, websites and mobile applications. The directive imposes several requirements on online documents, and for many companies this results in a more resource-intensive process when creating PDF files for their website. Among other things, the visually impaired must be able to access files and have them read aloud using a screen reader.

Web accessibility will help a large group of people participate more actively in society.
In short, this means that web accessibility provides equal access and equal opportunities.

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Accessibility Assistant ensures that you can be confident that your online documents are accessible to the visually impaired as the directive prescribes. You can continue to work as you know in both PowerPoint and Word. The solutions allow all users to create accessible PDF/UA files, optimizing accessibility directly in the document. Among other things, certain types of information are moved to the right places and image texts are optimized.

The final document is PDF/UA compliant (Universal Accessibility) and made accessible to the screen reader.

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How it works

Accessibility Assistant enables you to work in the documents you know and create accessible PDF/UA files from both Word and PowerPoint
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Even though it doesn’t require anything specific from your document or presentation templates to create an accessible PDF/UA, the templates should preferably follow best practice guidelines.

Ensure that your online documents are PDF/UA compliant

Accessibility Assistant is the best solution for generating accessible PDF/UA documents

Reach out to us and get a tour of the solutions. It’s intuitive and easy to use, and can thus be implemented across your organization.

Now every document can become accessible by default.