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Ensuring accessibility with a PDF/UA document creation solution

With Accessibility Assistant by Omnidocs, you can create WCAG 2.2 compliant PDF/UA documents directly from Microsoft 365.
Accessibility Assistant audits the Microsoft 365 document and creates an intuitive task list with suggested solutions and an integrated PDF export feature for the users.

The benefits of making your documents accessible

Improved accessibility

PDF/UA compatibility ensures that online PDFs are fully accessible to individuals with disabilities, including those who use assistive devices such as screen readers or text-to-speech software.

Improved user experience

PDF/UA compatibility can enhance the user experience for individuals with disabilities by making it easier for them to access and interact with online PDFs.

Compliance with legislation

In most countries, organizations are legally obligated to make their online documents and materials accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Improved SEO

PDF/UA compatibility can enhance the visibility and ranking of online PDFs in search results, as search engines prioritize content that is accessible to users with disabilities.

Creating PDF/UA documents with Accessibility Assistant

Work with the documents you're comfortable with and easily make your PDF files accessible. The most user-friendly solution for creating PDF/UA documents.

Creating PDF/UA Documents with Accessibility Assistant.

PDF/UA (Universal Accessibility) documents are a type of Portable Document Format (PDF) file designed to be fully accessible for individuals with disabilities. This video demonstrates how you can create PDF/UA documents using Accessibility Assistant.

We will guide you through the steps of reviewing the document, updating content and formatting, and ensuring that your document meets the requirements and standards of accessibility.

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Understanding the benefits of PDF/UA documents

What is a PDF/UA document and how does it benefit people with disabilities?

Insights about Accessibility

The all-in-one solution for creating compliant documents in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

In Microsoft PowerPoint, Accessibility Assistant processes PDFs using a separate engine that tags all content following the PDF/UA format (also known as ISO 14289). This includes elements such as images, tables, charts, placeholders, headings, lists, and hyperlinks.

In Microsoft Word, Accessibility Assistant exports PDFs using the native Microsoft 365 PDF tagging engine. This engine is enhanced with several post processors to restructure and recreate tags for almost every content element, ensuring that the resulting PDF is fully PDF/UA compliant.

In Microsoft Excel, Accessibility Assistant works the same way as Word. The exporting process employs the native Microsoft 365 PDF tagging engine and undergoes post-processing. In addition to the same checks performed by Word, Excel includes an extra check that detects when a shape spans across pages. Our software notifies the user to relocate the shape within the confines of a single page to ensure it doesn’t cross over.

Accessibility Assistant is constantly developed to be fully compatible with Microsoft 365, and it also supports versions 2010, 2013, and 2016.

In addition to PDF/UA compliance, Accessibility Assistant also audits and checks for WCAG 2.2 compliance and the inclusion of embedded fonts (for PDF/UA compliance) in Microsoft Word documents.”





1. AA exports PDF using Microsoft 365 PDF tagging native engine. Still, it is enhanced with several post processors to restructure and recreate tags for almost every content element to fully achieve PDF/UA compliant content. AA for Word and PowerPoint is constantly developed to be fully compatible with Microsoft 365. Still, it also supports 2010, 2013, and 2016 versions.

2. AA has a header processor (for MS Word) that extracts all text from the header necessary and makes it a part of the exported PDF.

3. AA checks for an invalid document. It checks the main document range for text. If text exists only on shapes, it is considered invalid.


1. AA checks the document for styles usage.


1. Check for unexpected heading levels

2. Automatic fix in PDF for wrong heading levels


1. Check for unexpected heading levels

2. Automatic fix in PDF for wrong heading levels


1. Add/ Edit Alternative Text

2. Check for auto-generated alt text

3. Set decorative images to be artifact’ed in the PDF

4. Setting bounding box tags in the PDF


1. Support for nested list structure in the PDF


1. Tagging all cells correctly for both headers and data cells. Including cell spans linking data cells with their headers.

2. AA spots tables with no header / first column set or whether a table spans across multiple pages


1. Add/ edit document title

2. Set the document to display the title

Accessibility Assistant is the best solution for generating accessible PDF/UA documents

Reach out to us and get a tour of the solutions. It’s intuitive and easy to use, and can thus be implemented across your organization.

Now every document can become accessible by default.