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Accessibility equals equality

Web accessibility will help a large group of people participate more actively in society. In short, this means that web accessibility provides equal access and equal opportunities.

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Automate your work world

Companies that implement document automation save time and use their resources more wisely, as employees can focus on higher value tasks, knowing that their documents are taking care of themselves.

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Data Vizualization

Stay on-brand, be compliant, work better.

Wouldn’t it be nice to always visualize your data perfectly?

Each of your colleagues can visualize company data for both internal and external consumption. This notion sets free space for creativity, but it also presents a tremendous challenge for the brand and marketing department.

Today everyone is a publisher, so how do you ensure on-brand data visualization?
We’ve got the solution.

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Productivity Tools

Be more productive. Work better, faster, greater.

When you’re happy, you’re productive and vice versa. Therefore, our productivity tools are designed to reduce time on the boring stuff so the entire workforce can focus on being both happy and productive.

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Time to say goodbye to disconnected content

This is the end of important business documents circulating randomly in the never-ending computer universe, where it’s impossible to find the things you’re looking for. Often this scenario probably forces you to use some content that is quite different from what your brand manager told you to.
Luckily, help is on the way – meet Templafy!