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Brand management professionals are outspoken about the need for templates

The gap between the skill set of technical specialists and the design discipline is obvious. By adding intuitive design elements in templates, you bridge the gap, and ensure brand alignment and control. Templates help you enable all users to comply with brand principles.

However, the skill set gaps can also be bridged in other organizational areas. Whether we’re talking about legal compliance or project excellence governance, the template should be the first place to invest.

Let us tell you why.

The template is your chance to guide any type of structured work throughout your organization

A template is essentially a framework for the work it will support e.g. the letter template that functions as the framework for creating letters. In the template you can manage most content: the font, colors, margins, logo(s), space for sender and recipient addresses, and fit it to the design of your choice. The list of elements controlled and managed by the template is long and can even include paper size for different geographies or letter purposes.

Take the list of content and elements mentioned above and ask a specialist colleague to do these things before they get down to their real work. Nah, wouldn’t do that, right?

Well, let’s make every workday work better with excellent templates that support the people that make up your organization.

Do you want to know how templates can impact your business?

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Templates are the starting point of any large scale document journey.

Let’s travel together and see where we end up.