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Document Audit

What is​ Document​ Audit?

A Document Audit combines two of our most important services: Template Check and User Check

In a document audit we’ll investigate the following and present it back to you on a reporting meeting​

  • Your documents’ brand compliance​
  • The usability of your documents​
  • The distribution of your documents​
  • Your organizational approach to documents (e.g. how you communicate, provide training and express expectations towards document use)​
  • Our recommendations on what to do next​

What does it require?​

  • That you assemble and send your templates to us​
  • That you distribute a survey link to a representative group of your colleagues​

Template Check​

Ensure content quality, by auditing ​existing template(s) and content.

Who’s to know if your current templates are made with best practices? ​

This is why, we offer a Template Check, that ensures usability and brand compliance, while providing recommendations on how to fix it.​

We wish to shine a light on the parts of your content that are obstructing productivity and effectively harming your colleague’s workday.​
Our content analysis ultimately lands on your table as a report. A report that will enable us to guide you on how to enhance your content and bring back happiness.​

Please check out a few of the items we check and advise on, right below:

The grid​
Grids are to designers, what a project manager is to an organization. It keeps everything coordinated, organized and structured. ​

The colors​
You know – life is like a box of crayons… ​
But since we are working on a corporate branded document ​
choice is limited. ​

Fonts. Typography. Styles.​
The backbone of Microsoft Office, is how you handle your font needs. Also, here you find the source of most of the user issues you might have experienced.​

Actual usage​
We want to support the work that your colleagues are actually doing. This could mean involving them to some extent or simply sending over a few documents produced in a real-life setting.​

Template Check & ​design recommendations​

Template Check

The template check aims to shine a light on sources to user frustrations in the template.

After a template check, you have a platform for decision making; ultimately guiding you on how to support the business. 
And after the analysis? How do we get it implemented?

User Check

Let insights prioritize your efforts.

With very few touchpoints, we can determine the status of your document game.​
These findings are key to optimizing your organizational performance in relation to templates, assets, distribution, training, communication, and user expectation​.

With the User Check we consult with your colleagues, in order to make sure that we know how you work with documents. 
When we know more about your organization, and your basic approach to documents, we can make your workdays work better.

Please check out a few of the items we check and advise on, here: 

Templates & Assets​
We assess, to what extent your colleagues feel supported in their daily work. This finding is compared with how important this support is.​
Ultimately, we find gaps that we need to prioritize when building your setup.​

And what about communication? Do you explicitly express your organizations approach to document management? Do you remember to tell where to access templates and assets?​

Do you (just like the rest of the world) take for granted that ‘everyone is a master of MS Office? What if it shows, that your colleagues might need some training and insights?​

Does everyone understand your expectations in terms of the work they do in Microsoft Office? Do you measure people on how well they comply to brand, legal and other compliance measures?​

On a related note: Check out our document automation software.

Examples from the report

User Check

We all tend to climb high into the ivory tower. While a tower often will provide you overview – it also blurs the details. Details that are important for those on the ground.​

We can at least agree, that we do not actually know what it is the fine people in e.g., finance and operations really use Microsoft Office for.​

Why not gain these insights, once and for all. And why not get an actionable report, to bridge the gaps in terms of support to your colleagues. In return, you’ll get whatever compliance you are asking for whether it is brand, legal or product specific compliance.​

Besides getting valuable actions to your list of to-do’s, we also provide you with ROI calculations, that will help guide your priority.​

Book a document audit and gain insights that you can act on straight away.

Want to know more?

A document audit makes sure that you know, where your document game is on point ​and where extra emphasis is needed.