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Design and Content

Design and Content

Two sides of the same coin

Two different aspects of (almost) the same thing. Although design and content seem different, they’re very closely related, and one would say that they’re the most vital factors in document creation.

It takes some practice to find the right design and content, but as long as you ensure that form follows function, and your content is relevant to the user, you’re on the right track.

We know… that’s easier said than done. So, let us give you an introduction that will hopefully boost your creativity and empower you to get started with creating the right content and design for your documents.

Are you a seasoned couch potato, have your ears grown together with your AirPods, or do you take pride in chopping an onion to perfection?

Maybe you’re none of the above, but you get the point… Spotify without music would be a terrible invention, right?

At Omnidocs, we have dedicated content specialists who are focused on delivering the right content to you and your colleagues in the platforms you have chosen to rock your document game.

Content creation

There are many ways to great content

We have two relevant items on the agenda when we discuss your content strategy.

Our Document Audit initiative ensures relevance by taking a closer look at actual needs around your organization. Too many solutions provide standard content that is just as relevant as reruns in Netflix or experimental bagpipe techno in Spotify. We aim to deliver the sharpest knives in all relevant sizes to your document chefs.

Our design services ensure that the frameworks you ask your colleagues to work within are on-brand without unnecessary hassle. User-friendly documents, ready to go – that’s what we call freedom within a framework.

In the end, adoption comes naturally if we can deliver relevant content.


Design is about more than colors, elements and pictures. It's also about implementability and usability

and with us…

Form follows function – always!

Far too often, we find documents that bog down the creation process with their design

When working with your templates and documents we strive to get the most brand magic into them as possible. But never ever do we willingly compromise usability.

There are certain limitations in terms of your users as well as Microsoft Office. We cannot expect that your users have any design background, let alone that they have received any formal training in Microsoft Office.

In addition, some design features might not be possible to recreate in Microsoft Office – at all or without deep domain knowledge.

Man on stairs

When it comes to our design services, the main objective is to enable on-brand document production

Whether the target audience is employees, automated documents, external consultants or even your slide conversion agency – we have services and deliverables that will help you.

In short, we’re in business to bridge the skills gap between your specialist colleagues and the field of design. Not an easy thing, but our domain knowledge and extensive experience in Microsoft Office enable us to make a noticeable difference in the design process.

Design and content hotline

If you're bogged down in exhausting processes, then reach out to us

We here to make your workday work better

Let us know if you’re design framework or content templates needs a refresh.

You won’t regret it.