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Corporate reporting

Learn how the renowned Danish design icon Bang & Olufsen trusted Omnidocs to design their most important documents.

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Annual and quarterly reports can be created and edited in Word with custom integrations between Excel and Word and PowerPoint.

Updating charts, tables, and other financial data in the report’s final version are completed with a single mouse click - you no longer have to copy-paste repeatedly from Excel.

With +20 years of experience within the field, we know all about the requirements and optimal process for creating corporate reports. 

With our Corporate Reporting solution, we can help you implement your corporate designs in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

The solution enables you to create the entire annual report (including content production, setup, and proofreading) in-house. You control the process and save time, resources, and costs for external agencies, without compromising your brand and corporate design.

Taking corporate reports to the next level

Renowned Danish design icon Bang & Olufsen trusted Omnidocs to design their most important documents.

Bang & Olufsen has utilized Omnidocs’ software and design to take their document game to the next level.

We’ve spoken with Senior Director Jesper Hejselbæk about his experience working with us, how Bang & Olufsen has incorporated Omnidocs’ software and design, and the effects this has had on the corporate reporting process.

View B&O’s 2021 Annual Report



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Carlsberg is one of the many global leaders using our reporting tool to create and manage corporate reports.

“We are very satisfied with the annual report solution and our collaboration with Omnidocs. One big advantage is that we control and own the annual report document throughout the editing process. The solution has made the creative, writing, and proofreading process very flexible and ultimately made the process more efficient.”

Iben Steiness, IR Director at Carlsberg


View Carlsberg’s annual report here


“Thank you for a good and valuable relationship. I (and the Lundbeck Foundation) have been delighted to get complete control over the annual report. I have found the tool (the corporate reporting solution) to be very user-friendly and intuitive.”

Birgitte Schou, Vice President of Finance, Lundbeck Foundation


View Lundbeck’s annual report here

European Energy

European Energy A/S has used our solution to create their annual reports. Always in Microsoft Word and always in-house.

“We are at the very top. You would think that our annual report is created by a design agency and not a small team of employees with content skills and no design experience.”

Thomas Beck Sørensen, Head of Communications and Regulatory Affairs, European Energy A/S


View the report here

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Industry leaders use Omnidocs tools to create better corporate reports

Clients include

Why should you use Omnidocs solutions?

We collaborate with multiple clients and their design agencies to produce corporate reports. Industry leaders utilize our solutions to achieve a smooth internal process and on-brand design and visual expression while saving time and money and reducing internal frustrations with the creation process.

You can either create the annual report design, use a design agency, or have Omnidocs’ skilled design experts create the designs in Word or PowerPoint.

We are used to working with design agencies and creating reports with leading global industry leaders.

Our designs and software are behind award-winning annual reports. Together with the design agency Bysted, we have created the corporate reporting templates and tool for Nuuday’s (formerly TDC) annual reports since 2006. The reports won several accounting awards during this period. Carlsberg, a frequent winner of annual report awards, has since 2015 used our solutions to develop their reports. This process has been a collaboration with the design agency Operate.

Automatic formatting of Excel to Word and/or PowerPoint

No more copy-pasting data!

Reduced time and costs
Easy proofreading process

Smooth process with Fewer iterations

Flexible production process

Print, digital print, HTML, and PDF

More control

Easy management of the creation and editing process

Manage the process in-house

Effective planning and preparation of the reporting process

Optimal internal workflows

Stakeholders can update, edit and review throughout the process

The opportunity to utilize the XBRL format

Agency collaboration

The process when collaborating with a design agency

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