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Corporate reporting

Learn how the renowned Danish design icon Bang & Olufsen trusted Omnidocs to design their most important documents.

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Stay compliant while editing your own reports

Right up until deadline you can change, rewrite and edit without involving other specialists. Stay true to your brand, legal and other compliance areas, with ease.

In the creation of an annual report, time pressure is often massive. Maybe the very last corrections are made on the day of the deadline.

It’s always quite an adrenaline rush, when it all comes together. Happily, we have the solution to help you make that feeling happen.

With our solution you’re in control and own your annual report document during the process, all the way from layout to content and proofreading, all without compromising on your design. It’s possible for you to keep the whole process in-house and create your report directly in Microsoft Word, automatically collecting data from Excel. This gives you the opportunity to edit numbers, design and content right up until the deadline. Not only do you have control over design, layout and edits, but also time spend and cost.


"Design professional annual reports in Word”– say whaaaat!

Get surprised how much you can do in Word without being a designer and create top-notch annual reports that will never give away that it’s created by users with no design experience or skills.

Keep all processes of the annual report in-house, without compromising on the design. With a template solution in Word or Excel, we can implement any design you want in your annual reports. When numbers are corrected in Excel, the data automatically updates in Word.

Taking corporate reports to the next level

The Bang & Olufsen case
Renowned Danish design icon Bang & Olufsen trusted Omnidocs to design their most important documents.

Bang & Olufsen has utilized Omnidocs’ software and design to take their document game to the next level. We’ve spoken with Senior Director Jesper Hejselbæk about his experience working with us, how Bang & Olufsen has incorporated Omnidocs’ software and design, and the effects this has had on the corporate reporting process.

Annual reporting made by you

Sure, right, but what's in it for me...?
  • In-house creation of your annual report 
  • Better control of the process
  • Automatic formatting from Excel to Word – copy/paste never again
  • Productive and enjoyable user workflows
  • Time, cost and struggle savings
  • Flexible proof-reading process
  • Edit content and numbers until deadline

Corporate Reporting

No more worries and no more time wasted

One mouse click, and your charts will be updated right away. Not only does this let you do your other work tasks better, it also guarantees that you don’t make mistakes in the report.

With our templates, you have the opportunity to integrate the design you want. You have all the right tools to make an annual report with the design you want. You’re sure to get exactly the visual impression you’re looking for.

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Over the years we have helped many clients create their reports.

Among them you’ll find companies like Carlsberg Group, Lundbeck, Chr. Hansen, B&O, Lundbeck, FLSmidth, Coloplast, Novo Nordisk Fonden, Spar Nord Bank, European Energy, Nykredit, DSB, BoConcept, Movia, TDC and IC Group.

They’re all created, designed and edited in Word. When you look at them, you will see how CRAZY that is.

European Energy A/S has used our solution to create their annual reports for the last few years.

Always in Microsoft Word and always in-house. This is what Head of Communications and Regulatory Affairs, Thomas Beck Sørensen, has to say about the solution:

We are at the very top. You would think that our annual report is created by a design agency and not a small team of employees with content skills and no design experience.

Read more and find European Energy’s annual report here

Tired of spending endless hours on report editing?

Then our ReportingTool is what you need. It is in use with companies like Carlsberg, B&O, TDC Group and so many more.

Contact us, and let us show you what Microsoft Word is really capably of.

Edit, update, integrate – text, pictures, layouts and numbers directly in the report template.