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Change Management

It's key for us to understand exactly how to make your workdays (work) better

We do this by engaging with your end-users. Asking them questions. Through surveys, conversations and workshops. It’s as simple as that.

We can make your workdays better when we create relevant content. To create relevant content, we need to understand how you work. It’s a chicken or egg situation, right?

When we understand how you work, we can make your workdays better. Yes, we have an idea how you could work differently – and better. However, we always find something that is out of the ordinary when we speak with users. Basically, we can promise you that adoption comes naturally if content is relevant.

Relevance can indeed be generic, but the biggest gains come when content is made to measure and speaks directly to your colleagues’ needs.

Change Management

We have three ways of investigating how you work with documents:

1. Document

The check in provides quantitative insights from a survey distributed to your end-users.

The survey provides insights into your current organizational performance in relation to templates, assets, distribution, training, communication, and levels of expectation.

2. Directional Analysis

The directional analysis provides quantitative insights from a survey distributed to your end-users. The survey provides insights for your content development.

Which templates and assets are relevant to your users?

How can we describe existing document journeys?

In which applications do users spend most of their time?

3. User Engagement Interviews

The user engagement interviews provide qualitative data from 1:1 conversations between our consultants and your end-users.

We conduct at least five interviews (but most often 10). The conversations will yield insights into your current organizational performance and specific insights for your content development, both on a general and a departmental level.

The insights point directly to where the most impact can be found in terms of investing in better document support.

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