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Spend less time creating references, presentations, and CV's

Spend more time on sourcing candidates, building client relationships, and winning business by using Documotor

Beat competition with automation

In recruitment and professional services, CVs and references are crucial to operating. Often, the data is available somewhere in the organization, but creating the actual documents is dragging out as it poses a massive effort.

With Documotor, you can automate the creation of professional and on-brand resumes for job candidates and streamline the process of creating candidate presentations for clients. Integrating Documotor with a CRM or applicant tracking system allows you to easily access candidate information and create resumes tailored to specific job openings while maintaining a consistent look and feel across all documents. 

Save time

Automate and streamline the process of creating resumes and presentations, which can save a lot of time and effort. This allows you to focus on other important tasks, such as identifying and sourcing candidates and building client relationships. 

Improve quality

Create on-brand and visually appealing resumes and presentations that effectively showcase candidate qualifications. This can help to increase the chances of a successful placement, as well as building a positive reputation for the agency. 

Reduce costs

Update design and make changes easily, without incurring additional costs or delays. This can help to reduce costs associated with document creation and design, which can be significant for recruitment agencies. 

Beat competition

Get a competitive edge by presenting a diverse and qualified pool of potential hires efficiently and effectively. 

"With automation, our candidate report takes minutes to produce.
Not hours, minutes. It has been a total game changer."

Caroline Buckingham, Senior Vice President, Korn Ferry

Get to know Documotor

Create beautiful CV's and presentations

Automatically highlight key qualifications and skills relevant to the position, and even add visual elements such as charts and graphs to make the candidate’s qualifications stand out. Additionally, Documotor’s output in Word and PowerPoint format enables you to create visually appealing, easy-to-read resumes and presentations, which can help you effectively showcase your candidate’s qualifications to clients.


Another way you can use Documotor is by creating candidate catalogs for clients. Compile multiple CVs of potential candidates, insert them into a catalog template, and then have it output in a catalog format. This saves time and effort, rather than sending out individual resumes. 

Automation is the next step
within data and document managemet

No confusion in big data

DocuMotor enables structure and overview, no matter how complex your data is and how many variables that control the final output

Eradicate human error

With no humans involved – no human errors occur. All documents are generated based on data and defined variables

Tailor to your clients

We acknowledge that the data structures and tech stack is built over time. Don’t try to fit in, get document automation that fits your setup

Fine tuning made simple

No need for expensive developers to adjust the output. Base your design on e.g., PowerPoint, and make design changes yourself and save developer time for other projects

Document automation allows organizations to reduce manual data entry, minimize proofreading time, and reduce the risks associated with human error. Document automation is most critical for users who deal with heavy amounts of documents and frequently need to generate routine documents at a scale.

Every industry, field, and department should look for ways to automate its document creation process.



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Reduction in CV creation time


Increased time-to-client