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Quick n' easy Word and PowerPoint templates

Our templates are customizable, easy to use, and based on over 20 years of industry experience. With our templates, you can create professional-looking documents, improve your productivity, and ensure consistency throughout your organization.

Save time, effort, and money with our turn-key templates and take your document creation to the next level.

Why do you need ready-to-use templates?

Better results in less time

Provide a pre-designed and customizable solution for creating professional-looking documents, which save businesses a significant amount of time and effort.

Improve image and reputation

Templates allow businesses to easily implement their brand and ensure consistency throughout their documents.

Become more productive

Our templates are based on best practices and industry experience, providing businesses with a high-quality solution that helps to improve productivity.

Built to your needs

The templates are customizable and adaptable to different scenarios and document types, providing businesses with a flexible solution that can adapt to their specific needs.

Word and PowerPoint templates
Easy to implement - Easy to use

Based on our solid experience designing and implementing thousands of documents, we have gathered all our best document design practices and condensed these into a suite of basic predesigned, readymade Word and PowerPoint templates that will cover the core of your document needs.

Three fundamental assets of your brand define the outcome of the solution; Your logo, color, and typography.

Our predesigned solutions help ensure your core brand elements are applied correctly, even by colleagues who are not presentation designers or Microsoft Word experts. Word isn’t easy – but this solution makes it much more straightforward, with fewer conflicts between brand, design, functionality, and user needs.

What business challenges do templates solve?

Branding and consistency

It is easy for businesses to implement and manage their brand and ensure consistency throughout their documents, improving the overall image and reputation of the company.

Limited design and technical resources

Ready-to-use high-quality document creation solution that does not require dedicated design or technical resources.

Maintaining formatting and layout consistency

Pre-formatted with easy-to-use layout and design elements, making it effortless to maintain consistency across documents.

Creating and maintaining a library

Readily available and easy to use, allowing businesses to create and maintain a library of document templates easily.

Adapting to different scenarios and document types

Each template can be customized and adapted to different scenarios and document types, such as reports, letters, memos, agendas, and more for both Word and PowerPoint.

Improving workflows

You can add in-document productivity tools that boost productivity and improves workflows to your templates.

Ensuring that all documents are compliant

Even though templates can are adaptable to different scenarios and document types, they remain compliant with the CVI and company standards and regulations.

Creating best practices documents

All our templates are based on best practices, providing businesses with a document creation solution compliant with industry standards.

Specially crafted PowerPoint templates that make your brand shine like never before

Omnidocs ready-to-use PowerPoint templates are built on +20 years of industry experience.
We’ve made it easy for you to enhance the value of your brand with templates that are easy to implement, that enable the users to stay on-brand, and work much more efficient in PowerPoint.

Embed your logo, identify your font, and choose your color scheme


Pick your ready-made
template solution

With Turn-key templates you are ensured best practice templates.


Templates packages

Word templates include

4 different templates: Letter, Memo, Agenda, Report

Choose document size: A4 / US letter


PowerPoint template includes

A large variation of layouts supporting contemporary presentation needs

Covers and other structuring layouts for agenda, program breakers etc.

Content build with bullets, charts, tables, images, etc..

Specific reporting layouts for more complex content communication

Document size only: 16:9


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