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Omnidocs goes to New York

Omnidocs in the US

Our New York office is soon reality

In three months, we’re moving into our new office in New York. We can’t wait to solve all the electrifying tasks that come our way both in US, Denmark, and the rest of the world.  

“I’m super excited about getting even closer to our US clients and being able to empower our many users in their document journeys. We’re a hybrid company, with both solutions and services and we’re almost everything that interacts with the document,” says Omnidocs CEO, Jeppe Schytte-Hansen.  

At Omnidocs, we want to make sure that our US clients get the maximum value out of our solutions and services as well as their collaboration with us. Approximately 25% of our clients are based in the US and we aim to double that within a couple of years. 

Poised to take New York by storm  

We’re more than ready to make sure that the 70-people strong Omnidocs team located in Copenhagen supports the culture and client projects with very tight alliance across the two time zones. The cohesion across continents is first of all enabled through the focus on joint tasks and through the daily collaboration with team members in Copenhagen.  

Our strong culture makes a good starting point in developing a workplace in New York that’s an integrated part of the Omnidocs universe. But I think it’s important to acknowledge that there might be small speed bumps on the way,” says Head of People & Culture, Thanya Bryndum Hoff-Lund.  

To welcome the new employees, we’re planning a full onboarding week in the Copenhagen head office. Also, experienced colleagues will join the new team in New York during the first couple of months. 

Team Omnidocs is well-prepared 

The COVID-19 lockdowns and working from different locations has made it more obvious than ever that a workplace isn’t just a building with an office. It’s a sense of fellowship and being part of something meaningful, it’s working together on stimulating projects and helping each other out, celebrating successes, giving feedback, knowledge sharing and a lot more.  

“To my great joy, we’ve been able to do all of these things despite the physical distance. Our values ​​and our purpose are the crucial foundation of the Omnidocs culture and our guidelines in the everyday work life, and they’ll be for our future NY colleagues as well,” says Head of People & Culture, Thanya Bryndum Hoff-Lund. 

We’re looking for a Word Implementation Consultant and a Project Manager for the US office, which we’ll share with our great collaboration partner Templafy, the global leading Content Enablement platform. That basically means that our New York Omnidocs team will work in the same offices with approximately 80 likeminded people from Templafy. 

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