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Guide: Word is just a boring program for writing

Word is just a boring program for writing

Have you ever heard anyone say that? They were lying.

Word is the perfect solution for designing beautiful publications that look as (or even better!) they were created in InDesign. When you use it in the right way, of course.

All you need is a great template with color themes and defined typographies, maybe added automation tools and a ribbon with options that’ll help you transform an otherwise boring document into an astonishing creation with images in different formats, colored infographics, and appealing quotes. At the same time, your documents will match the company CVI. Always.

We’ve asked Senior Implementation Specialist, Lene Hammerich Printzlau, to give you her best beginner tricks.

Now, listen carefully and get inspired.


1. Always use Show/Hide paragraph



To have full control of your document, make sure to switch the Show/Hide paragraph on to see line breaks, space between words, page breaks, column breaks and section breaks.  

2. Always have Gridlines shown on tables

Tables are great for creating space, e.g., in a letter to make sure that the spacing between the recipient address and Heading or Body is always the same, no matter the length of the address.  


See also: Document automation software.


3. Always use Styles

The Apply Styles dialogue window can be a help to know the styles of the paragraph you are in.  
click CTRL+Shift+S.

Open Page Styles and get access to the full list of available styles in your document by clicking CTRL+Shift+alt+S. 






4. Never use the List Paragraph style

It’s often connected to these two integrated buttons and is a direct formatted style, which steels your opportunity to change the design. In worst case List Paragraph will ruin your document. Instead, use real styles such as List Bullet and List Numbering.








5. Use section break only if necessary

Otherwise, don’t!
An appropriate time to use section break is for example when you want to toggle between portrait and landscape pages or changing the number of columns in your document. To start new page use page break by clicking CTRL+enter. 

Did you get goose pimples all over your body from learning the 5 tips? Then today is your lucky day!

The work changing tips above are only a small share of the great knowledge our colleagues hold, when it comes to Microsoft Office.

Always feel free to contact our team at Omnidocs and let us make your workday work better.

Lene Hammerich Printzlau
Implementation Lead
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