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Top 10 PowerPoint shortcuts

The most useful shortcuts in PowerPoint

Let us be the first to tell you that this article will create a fundamental change in your life.

… Okay, maybe it’s not a revolution, but at least it’ll be an optimization of the time you spend making your presentations in PowerPoint.

Shortcuts allow you to keep your fingers on the keyboard and create PowerPoint presentations faster. For users with mobility or vision disabilities, keyboard shortcuts can be easier than using the touchscreen and are an essential alternative to using a mouse.

Maybe an external keyboard with keyboard shortcuts will help you to work more efficiently? Maybe you haven’t discovered the pros yet?

In this piece, Omnidocs‘ Head of Design & Content Frederik Dessau, also known as our wizard of shortcuts, master of tricks and keyboard ninja, to reveal his most used keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint.

1. Repeat: F4
If you do anything on a slide that you want to do again, you click F4. Let’s say that you color a figure red, and you want to color four more figures in the same red color, you press one figure at a time and click F4. When you’ve clicked all five figures, they’ll all be colored red. You’ve just saved yourself a lot of time – hallelujah!

2. Save as: F12
Every time you click F12, you save three clicks. After naming your presentation, use CTRL+S to save your document as usual again and again.

3. Present: Shift+F5
When you know this shortcut, you’ll use it all the time. Clicking Shift+F5 lets you present from the very slide that you’re on. That’s just super easy and super smart.

4. Zoom to object: CTRL+Mouse+Scroll
Click an object, hold CTRL, scroll your mouse and your view will zoom in on that object. This shortcut is very handy and gives you the opportunity to easily work on the details in specific parts of your slide.

5. Group: CTRL+G
Super convenient shortcut with the function of grouping single elements. Brilliantly useful, especially when you want to create the build of a document. Let’s say that you have a slide in your presentation with many objects. No audience will be able to concentrate if you don’t create some kind of animation to the objects. Use CTRL+G to gather the group of elements that are connected and should stay together. This is an insanely easy and speedy way to make slide animations and keep your audience focus. To ungroup, press CTRL+Shift+G.

6. New slide: CTRL+M
Pressing CTRL+M will add a new slide with the same layout as the current slide.

7. Duplicate slide: CTRL+D
Clicking CTRL+M won’t just add a new slide with the same layout. The duplicated slide will have the same layout, content and design as the current slide.

8. Duplicate object: CTRL+drag and then drop
Hold the object you want to duplicate, press CTRL, and drag the selected object somewhere else on the slide.

9. Skip to next: CTRL+Enter
If your layout has multiple placeholders, skip to the next part of the template by clicking CTRL+enter.

10. Undo: CTRL+Z
This might be one of the most used shortcuts. If you do anything on a slide that you regret, save yourself a lot of time and mouse clicks by pressing CTRL+Z.



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