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Guide: Set your PowerPoint skills on fire

Top-shelf PowerPoint hacks for company templates

Want to expand your knowledge when it comes to corporate color themes, bullets, or images? You’ve come to the right place!

1. Use company layouts 

Without a doubt, your brand manager wants your presentations to stay on brand! That means using the corporate customized layouts and the end of freestyling your slides. Use the different placeholders created for the layout as they ensure correct positioning according to margins, line spacing and so on in the corporate template design. 

How? Find the correct layouts in the New Slide button. 


2. Stay on brand using the Font & Color theme 

Your corporate templates have a font and color theme implemented, which represents the brand. Stay off using the tints in the Color Theme as they’re automatically generated by PowerPoint and most likely not on brand. The same rule applies to the Standard Colors. 

How? Find the Font Theme in the Home tab > Font dropdown > choose Headings or Body depending on the text you are writing.  


3. Know your bullet levels 

PowerPoint is limited to defining 9 bullets whereas Word can define a great number of Styles that can fit into every scenario. When creating a new slide, only the first bullet level will be visible to you – this can be with or without an actual bullet. The 9 bullets levels are implemented and designed to fit the company CVI to ensure that all presentations stay on brand and users don’t go rogue. This only applies with templates created by Omnidocs. Otherwise? Get comfortable with 9 bullet indents. 

How? If your template is created by Omnidocs and the text on the first bullet doesn’t match your message on the slide, use Tab on the keyboard or the Increase button to go to the next bullet.

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4. Take control over your pictures

When inserting a picture in your presentation, use a Picture Placeholder for the layout. This makes sure that the picture fills out the entire placeholder, which helps you to control and maintain both margins and brand design. Furthermore, you can crop and place the picture as you’d like within the placeholder by using the Crop functionality.

How? Right-click and choose Crop from the drop-down list.


5. Feel secure with Reset 

If you’re having a bad day at work, and you’ve either messed your slide completely up or have copied a slide into your presentation that’s been messed with, the Reset button is here to rescue you. This is a great function to use if you can see that your slide is off brand, whether the issue is that the font is the wrong color, a picture is distorted or something third. Reset will get your slide back to the original corporate look (this relies on that you’re using the placeholders on the slide and not a free-hand slide).  

How? Find the Reset button in the Home tab next to New Slide and Reuse Slides. 


6. Keep your Guides in place 

When making your corporate templates in the company, be sure to place Guides correctly and then – as a user – make sure to always have them activated. You want to avoid text and images jumping from slide to slide and Guides helps you safeguard this by aligning content with the guides. 

How? Activate Guides by pressing Alt+F10 on your keyboard or go to View > Guides. 


Hungry for even more inside information on PowerPoint? Reach out to Omnidocs’ very own PowerPoint wizard and Implementation Consultant Maria Venborg.

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