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How to get better accessibility in documents

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Want to make your documents accessible?

Our tool is the best, the easiest, and the safest way to ensure accessibility in documents. Lean back, and let our Accessibility Assistant do the work.

We’ve talked about it before – the EU directive that ensures visually impaired better conditions, when it comes to reading content on websites and mobile applications with help from their screen reader. The directive became effective on September 23, 2018. Today, government organizations are obliged to ensure accessibility in documents on their website.  

It’s required by law that blind, people with lowered vision, dyslexia, cognitive challenges, color blindness etc. can access websites (and thereby online PDF files) and mobile applications of public sector bodies and have them correctly read aloud with UA-compliant screen readers. Not just read aloud but read aloud in a way that is meaningful and ensures that the content is 100% understandable. 

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It may seem like an immense task to ensure that all files on your website comply with the EU directive. How do you ensure that the program used by the screen reader reads all texts, infographics, images, and other content correctly? And how do you safeguard that the reading is high in quality and is structured to make sense to the visually impaired? 

Accessibility is all about equality. It’s about giving all people the same opportunities online. Accessibility Assistant by Omnidocs offers you the opportunity to comply with the EU Directive and in an easy and intuitive way create accessible PDF/UA files from both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Accessibility Assistant identifies accessibility issues in your document before exporting to a compliant PDF/UA. It opens in a task pane directly in the application and suggests solutions to resolve the issues. You can resolve the issues in the task pane, and changes are instantly implemented in the document. We even help users to combine design with accessibility e.g., in tables where you can create tables for layout purpose and still have it read correctly by the screen reader. That is something you can’t do natively in Word.

Some find it difficult to rely on themselves when it comes to ensuring other people’s happiness and equal rights. With Omnidocs‘ tools you don’t have to trust your own skills, you just put your faith in the Accessibility Assistant that’ll take you by the hand all the way. It’s unique that our tool both identify accessibility issues in your documents and presentations and gives you the possibility of correcting the issues directly in the tool’s task pane. The tool is extremely user friendly and makes it possible for all employees to control and correct documents and presentations, so they provide a meaningful reading and support happier lives for everyone.

Ensure that your documents are accessible with Accessibility Assistant.