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Guide: How to copy/paste slides into a new template 

PowerPoint user guide: How to copy/paste slides into a new template 

Want to know how to copy/paste slides from one template to another? Learn best practice in this guide.

First: Find the right template  

To ensure that you use the latest version of your organization’s corporate template, start your presentation with Templafy*.

The Templafy library opens on the right side of your screen in Word or PowerPoint, making all templates and content available directly in Microsoft Office. If Templafy doesn’t open automatically, you’ll find it in the ribbon. Just click the Templafy logo (white T on blue background). 

*If you don’t have a Templafy solution, reach out to us. Templafy is content enablement platform that aligns workforces and enables employees to create on-brand, high-performing business content faster. Read more about Templafy here.

Copy/paste method #1 

The safest way is to copy/paste one object at a time. This way you’re sure not to copy other layouts into your presentation.  

Often, the template you copy content from has different settings than the one you’re trying to copy to. This is important to have in mind when you transfer content.  

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Add a new slide (similar to the old slide) in your new presentation   
  2. Copy the title from the old presentation and add it to the new slide’s title placeholder.  
  3. Copy the text content from the old presentation and paste it into the new slide in the placeholders.  

Continue until you’ve copy/pasted all text and images from the old presentation to the new.  

When you copy/paste content, you have different formatting options. E.g., you can click the Ctrl icons in right corner of the pasted content and choose a different formatting option. Or you can click the keyboard shortcuts as seen on the right.  

Note: not all formatting options are shown every time. The options depend on the content you have copy/pasted.   

Copy/paste method #2 

Another method is to copy a full slide and paste it into the new presentation. This method is a bit riskier, as since slides with e.g. confidential information or old designs can be pasted into new presentations.  

If you choose method #2 here are the steps to follow.  

How to copy wanted slides  

From old presentation 

Mark the slides you want to copy, right-click and choose copy – or press Ctrl+C. 

Now your slides are saved in the clipboard and are ready to be pasted in the destination.  


How to insert old slides in a new design 

In new presentation  

Place the mouse where you want to insert your slides in the new presentation, right-click and choose Use Destination Theme (D) 

Alternatively, press Ctrl+V – look for the small drop-drown close to your slides and repeat the selection of Use Destination Theme (H). 

Keep Source Formatting (H) will leave the pasted slides the same. Choose this option only if pasted content follows your organization’s CVI.


How to find the right layout 

The layout is key to ensure the correct functionality – from colors and font to the automatically created agenda.  

In new presentation  

Now, you’ve copied your slides and you’re almost there. Right-click the slide on the left and click Layout. Choose the layout closest to the content you’ve pasted in. 

Note: You might have to adjust the text to fit the new layout, e.g., if the numbers of placeholders are different. Always remember to check the page numbers, you might need to activate or deactivate them in the Header & Footer.  


How to paste slides in a new template 

In new presentation  

The last step is to open a blank template – find it in Templafy or press Ctrl+N. 

Copy all slides in your presentation and paste them into the blank template. This will ensure that there are no extra layouts. 


So there you have it. Everything you need to know to master the art of copy/pasting. 


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