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Blog: How to work better in documents

You're missing out if you don’t have a document strategy

Most companies work with strategies... HR strategies, financial strategies, marketing strategies. But only the rare few put much effort into developing a document strategy.  

We as humans are capable of many things, but we need help from objects to transfer knowledge between each other. Thousands of years old cave paintings have enabled us to understand how life was at that time.   

The corner stone in knowledge work is that employees need tools to transfer knowledge between each other. Documents are used to transfer knowledge and create value by helping us understand each other. Bearing this in mind, it’s clear that documents are the cave paintings of 2021 (that’s right, you heard it here first!).   

95% use Microsoft Office as their tool to create documents (Market Analysis, Epinion 2017) and many companies take for granted that their employees know how to work with Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. But ask yourself whether you’ve ever really been taught how to use them.   

My experience is that this presumption can be faulty. Just as organizations put efforts into optimizations of different areas of their business, resources must be set aside for document optimization as well. When communication flows unhindered, employees have more time for their actual job and to nourish their work happiness.   

Start today by acknowledging that measures within the document world must be taken and put resources into investigating specific needs of your organization. Follow this and you’re looking at potentially big productivity improvements. Trust me.  

Put your focus on making every workday work better. That’s the purpose of Omnidocs. Let’s enable you to identify your specific needs in the process of creating a document strategy, selecting unique software solutions and anchoring the tools in your organization.   

If it seems difficult, unmanageable and a bit of a mouthful, go and find some professionals who can help you. My name’s Margrethe Hald Mortensen, and I have a great experience in helping companies with insights, change and adoption. Reach out to me, or have a look at our Change Management services.