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Accessibility solutions and checker for PowerPoint

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Intuitive accessibility solutions and checkers for Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.

PowerPoint presentations are increasingly being used for formal presentations and external communications. When using PowerPoint for this purpose, it is important to follow the proper guidelines to ensure that presentations are accessible and comply with PDF/UA and WCAG standards. This includes making sure that all images are properly labelled, placing captions on videos, and adding alternative text to images. 

The user-friendly accessibility checker for PowerPoint.

Omnidocs’ accessibility checker, Accessibility Assistant, can be used to check PowerPoint presentations for accessibility issues. The solution checks if the presentation follows legal requirements and standards, identifies accessibility issues, and offers suggestions on how they can be fixed.

PowerPoint is a powerful tool for presenting information, but it does have limitations. It may be difficult for people with visual impairments to grasp and comprehend the messages when they can’t clearly see the information.

The legal compliance with regards to accessibility is also a tricky one, but a must for government institutions around the world. Our accessibility checker assists government institutions and private corporations create PDF/UA and WCAG compliant PowerPoint presentations.

With Accessibility Assistant you get a solution that works as an accessibility checker for both PowerPoint and Word.


Using accessibility solutions and checkers can help you:

  • Reach the senior market
  • Strengthen your brand image
  • Promote sustainable development
  • Improve your ESG
  • Improve your natural SEO
  • Maximize your website’s performance
  • Reduce maintenance costs

At Omnidocs we have the accessibility solutions to help government institutions and businesses comply with legal requirements. The accessibility solutions also offer a better and more user-friendly process when creating PDF/UA and WCAG documents.

The Accessibility Assistant checker removes the guesswork when it comes to PowerPoint presentations. The solution highlights all accessibility issues in the presentation, and offer suggestions and quick fixes that solve the issues at hand. By following the guide and suggestions offered by Accessibility Assistant, you can essentially make sure you’re your presentations are accessible before you upload them or safe them as PDF documents.

If you want to know more about accessibility as a concept, our accessibility solutions, and checkers and how they work, we have plenty of insights to share with you.