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Automate the creation of proposals, CVs, status reports, decks or other important documents to save time and eliminate errors


Speed up the process

Whether you are a business owner or an individual working in or with engineering, you are most likely involved in designing and delivering complex solutions across various industries, requiring multiple stakeholders to collaborate and execute complex projects.

With Omnidocs’ Automation tool, Documotor, you can automate the creation of your documents while still allowing for customization and flexibility.

No matter if you are in Sales, recruitment, or another industry, document automation is a game-changer for you who look to save time, eliminate errors and inconsistencies, increase efficiency, and enhance your brand and professional image.

Save time and effort

Reduce the amount of time and effort required to create and manage your documents. By eliminating manual data entry, you reduce errors and inconsistencies, ultimately allowing you to focus on other important business activities.

Enhance your documents

Generate accurate, consistent, and compliant documents that live up to client requirements. While also staying within brand guidelines, standards, and templates in all parts of your organization.

Easy document design

Customize your documents quickly and easily, including tailoring them to specific clients or projects, and personalizing them with relevant stakeholders’ names and details.
Update the design of your documents without expensive developers or delays


Beat competition

Generate custom-made reports and documents, that can help provide valuable insights on project progress and compliance. This will give you the ability to offer a value-add service to clients, which can help attract and retain clients.

Close deals faster and accelerate revenue

Tender documents or proposals typically include a detailed technical and commercial response to the client’s requirements, including the scope of work, methodology, project team, schedule, budget, and pricing. It may also include supporting documents such as project references, certifications, and quality assurance plans

With Documotor, you can automate the creation and management of sales proposals. Documotor allows you easy customization of proposal templates, enables easy collaboration between team members, and provides real-time status updates for each proposal

Win more client contracts

As part of the tender/proposal process, an important and time-consuming section is the CV and references. It typically includes information about the enterprise’s project team members who will be involved in delivering the project or service if the enterprise is awarded the contract.

You can implement Documotor to automate the initial screening of resumes. The tool allows for easy customization of screening criteria, enables easy collaboration between your team members, and provides real-time feedback on the most qualified candidates. You can see more benefits here

Inform stakeholders efficiently

If you’re creating status reports, then regular updates to inform stakeholders about the progress, issues, risks, and plans related to a specific project or service are crucial.

By implementing Documotor, you can automate the creation of engagement letters based on pre-defined templates while allowing customization and flexibility. The tool also includes a centralized system for tracking the status of engagement letters, making it easier to manage the process efficiently

Update, schedule, budget, and resource plan, as well as a forecast of future work and any changes to the project scope or objectives with ease

Automate data flow for accurate outputs

Create customized reports and documents like project progress reports, safety reports, and compliance reports. Documotor allows you to combine data from various systems like project management software, CAD software, and client data, to generate custom-made reports and documents, which would save you a lot of time and effort.

Another way you could use Documotor is to transform your data to automatically include technical drawings, schematics, and other relevant information in the documents, making it easier for clients to understand the details of your project. Documotor can integrate with 3D modeling software and output the drawings in a 3D format, allowing clients to better understand your project. Additionally, Documotor’s output in Word and PowerPoint format enables you to create visually appealing and easy-to-read documents and presentations, which can help them effectively communicate technical information to clients.

Make your data work for you


reduction in document errors


reduction in time needed to create documents


customized to projects and client needs