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Contracts are absolutely essential to us

“Contracts are absolutely essential to us. Automating the document process has had a huge commercial effect – in particular in terms of increasing our deal size.”

Stefan Jensen
Global Vice President

Documotor is 100% integrated in the Salesforce CPQ

Documotor works behind the scenes.
The sales reps never “see” Documotor. For them, the solution is 100% integrated into Salesforce.
It is a magic button that generates contracts.


In this video, Egil Clavel takes you “inside the system and shows you how Documotor works seamlessly within Templafy’s Salesforce CPQ. 

Wins across the board!

Happier sales reps. Better data fidelity. Increased average deal size

Templafy wanted to increase data fidelity and usability but found that the effects of the solutions had ripple effects across the board.

The Salesforce CPQ solution with Documotor not only helped solve the issues that Templafy wanted to fix. It had multiple other benefits that have enabled Templafy to continue to scale its business, helped them increase its average deal size, and allowed the sales team to take it to new heights.

Data fidelity revolution

Templafy can now trust the data that’s in Salesforce – everything is done and managed in one system.

Happy, happy, happy

Happier sales reps. Sales reps are set free to do what they do best – interact with clients.

Increased average deal size

Bigger deals! More control over the sales process and documents has led to a higher average deal size.

Faster processes

Less time spend on creating contracts! Sales reps are free to do what they do best, and admins can better manage and change documents.

Accurate data

Contracts are always up-to-date. Terms, pricing, etc. are always accurate, and it’s easy to customize contracts to clients’ needs and requirements.

Customization options

Sales reps can customize contracts for clients. There is the freedom to adapt contracts, but it’s always within a predefined framework.

Reliable forecasting

Increased data fidelity has meant more accurate forecasting of sales, churn, and renewal ratios.

Opportunity to scale

Templafy now has a scalable solution that enables them to add more content without increasing complexity.

Documotor implementation

A custom CPQ solution for Templafy; the global leader in content enablement

In 2020 Templafy, the global leader in content enablement, needed to update its Salesforce setup. Due to tremendous employee, market, and portfolio growth, the existing Salesforce solution and document creation process proved obsolete.
With external Salesforce consultants, Templafy decided to update to a modern CPQ setup.
However, Templafy wanted a solution that went beyond the standard solution. They wanted solutions that allowed them to make changes and manage the entire sales document journey within the Salesforce setup.

A custom CPQ solution for Templafy; the global leader in content enablement

Challenges and solutions requirements

The reasoning for automating the document creation process was threefold. On the one hand, the previous setup was proving out-of-date. As Templafy continued to grow, the company needed a scalable and flexible solution that enabled better management and controlled the sales process. On the other hand, three obvious problems required an answer.

For one, sales reps spent too much time creating quotes and contracts. The process was done in MS Word, where sales reps manually added data and made document changes. The manual process not only increased the chance of human error in the contracts (off-brand and none compliant material, unauthorized discounts and terms, etc.), but it also meant that the process was disconnected from the CRM system.

The disconnect meant that data fidelity was low. The actual contacts and quotes data often didn’t match the data in Salesforce. To save time, sales reps added the data directly to the documents and forgot to update the data in the CRM system.
This meant that sales data was useless as it couldn’t be trusted to forecast anything.

A new solution needed to be able to fix these problems, all while giving the company and admins better control of the document creation and sales process.

Usability: Customization

Sales reps needed to be able to create and customize contracts and quotes for different markets and segments

Usability: Seamless integration

The document creation solution needed to be seamlessly integrated in the Salesforce infrastructure

Usability: Document management

The solution needed to offer an easy way for admins to manage, update, change, and add features and new sales documents

Data fidelity: One platform

All sales documents should be built in and on data in Salesforce

Data fidelity: Freedom within a framework

The solutions should allow sales reps to chose between selected data sources and content

Data fidelity: Flexible documents

Document templates should be dynamic making it easy to work with data and content

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