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How does a Fortune500 company manage its brand on an enterprise level?

Cigna Group X Omnidocs

Learn how a Cigna Group embedded its corporate visual identity across the entire enterprise portfolio and successfully created documents that enabled all users to become more engaged, productive, and on-brand.


Discover how Cigna Group, a global leader in healthcare services, successfully embedded their company brand into their document infrastructure, revolutionized their document creation process, and achieved remarkable outcomes.

Partnering with Omnidocs, Cigna transformed their document design approach to deliver more impactful content, enhance user experience, and drive better results through intuitive design and documents.

By seamlessly combining Cigna’s creative expertise with Omnidocs’ technical proficiency, they established a streamlined process that improved productivity, ensured brand compliance, and created consistent visual identities.

About Cigna Group

The Cigna Group is a global health company committed to improving health and vitality.

Their global workforce of more than 70,000 colleagues works through Cigna Healthcare and Evernorth Health Services to fulfill their mission to improve the health and vitality of the more than 190 million customer relationships they serve in more than 30 countries and jurisdictions.

Fortune500 ranking: 13
Employees: 70,000
Markets: 30
Revenue 2021/22: $180.52 BN (approx.)

“We have been needing solutions that help us think smarter and more nimbly.”

Bethany Boutin, Cigna Group


Cigna Group, a global leader in healthcare services, recognized the need for a more efficient and effective document creation process across their enterprise portfolio.

The senior management turned to their marketing department to find a solution enabling them to work smarter, broaden their impact, and drive better results without increasing headcount.

Additionally, they sought a partner who could collaborate with their in-house design team to establish a seamless process and improve the overall user experience.

PowerPoint heavy culture

Cigna had a company culture heavily reliant on PowerPoint and Word, but the user experience was subpar, hindering productivity and creativity.

Inconsistent look and feel

The in-house design team faced challenges establishing a cohesive and consistent visual identity across all documents.

Lack of brand compliance

Cigna aimed to transition from searching for branding-compliant materials to having readily available assets, ensuring consistency in their messaging and branding.

Need of technical expertise

The internal team wanted a partner who could handle the technical aspects, allowing them to focus on providing input, guidelines, and material for the documents.

“It was a relief hearing that we didn’t have to figure out all the technical details.
Omnidocs was willing to work with whatever input we gave them to make the templates come to life”

Bethany Boutin, Cigna Group
Learn how the collaboration has affected Cigna Group on a enterprise and commercial level

Over a span of two years, Cigna has achieved remarkable outcomes, transforming their document creation approach and driving significant improvements throughout the organization.

Luckily, Cigna found a reliable partner in Omnidocs. The collaboration proved seamless, combining the expertise of Cigna’s in-house designers and Omnidocs’ technical proficiency.

The Omnidocs team’s genuine interest in understanding Cigna’s needs and aspirations made the partnership feel more like a collaboration, fostering trust and eliminating the need for Cigna to worry about technical details.

Through the collaboration, Cigna Group found that the Omnidocs’ consultants showed a deep passion for document optimization, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. They offered guidance, leveraged their expertise, and seamlessly brought Cigna’s vision to life.

By leveraging Omnidocs’ expertise, Cigna achieved a better overall user experience. The improved assets, streamlined processes, and optimized templates significantly reduced frustration and increased employee engagement and productivity.

Global user engagement

More than 90,000 users across the globe have interacted with the templates, signaling widespread adoption and utilization.

Increased asset creation

Over 70,000 new assets were created from the templates, enabling content creators to produce high-quality materials with ease.

Improved user satisfaction

Employees found the templates more meaningful and connected with them on a deeper level. They embraced the transition from non-compliant materials to readily available, brand-compliant templates.

Enhanced productivity

Document creation became faster, resulting in increased employee productivity and satisfaction. The optimized templates and better quality assets empowered content creators to focus on delivering impactful content.

Reduction in non-compliant material

Legal partners were pleased with the decreased use of non-compliant brand materials, resulting in better compliance and mitigated legal risks.

Return on investment

Cigna’s investment in document optimization and better user experience paid off, providing more options, better content, and an overall improved document creation process.

“We are getting people conditioned to use the templates. They are reliant on them, which is the best thing for us because it means it’s meaningful to people."

Bethany Boutin, Cigna Group

3 quick questions and answers


How was it to work with Omnidocs?

Working with the Omnidocs team during our Templafy installation was quite simple—the team had a keen sense of when it made more sense to jump on a quick call to talk through work vs. taking inputs over email.
Given the time difference, working in this agile fashion was very helpful to the design and testing process.

The Omnidocs team has clear and demonstrable expertise in the corporate templates world and brought a wealth of tips and ideas to our process.

How have the templates been received?

We’ve been delighted with the reception our new templates from Omnidocs have received. After working diligently behind the scenes to make the launch successful, it’s been lovely to receive appreciation from all areas of our employee base who have felt so compelled to leave us a nice message about how much the templates have helped streamline their day-to-day work. It’s even better when senior leaders have made a special callout during a large team meeting to say how much they use the templates and content.

How did the template roll-out go?

We intentionally timed our template launch with the launch of our new health services brand, and it helped us tremendously to efficiently roll out the tools we knew people would need to start developing brand-compliant materials. It helped streamline our impact on the brand governance team, as we provided people with the right assets at their fingertips.

We have multiple content creators (communications teams, designers, and other creative staff) who develop materials across various brands in our portfolio. Driving a consistent experience for how they access these assets has been so helpful.

Cigna's collaboration with Omnidocs has revolutionized their document creation approach, addressing challenges, and achieving outstanding outcomes.

Design was essential to Cigna, and the collaboration between their internal design team and Omnidocs was critical for the project’s success. Cigna’s PowerPoint-heavy culture heightened the need for intuitive templates and tools combining high-level design and functionality.

Britany Boutin gives her perspective on the process and the outcome of it from a design perspective.

“The interactions with Omnidocs have been resoundingly positive.
It feels less like a business transaction and more like catching up with people we have worked with for years.”

Bethany Boutin, Cigna Group

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