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Maximize efficiency and improve quality of your business documents

Automate the creation of your financial statements, reports, and tax forms and streamline the process of creating presentations for clients with Documotor.

Transform your financial reporting process with Documotor

If you are an Accounting executive searching for a document automation tool to streamline your financial reporting process, Documotor is the solution you need. With Documotor, you can quickly and accurately create on-brand documents such as audit reports, proposals, and financial reports with just a few clicks.

Stay on-brand and save time

Documotor will save valuable employee time lost from inefficiencies and reduce the risk of errors while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. By automating the generation of executive summaries, charts, and tables from standard accounting reports, you can provide your clients with high-quality customized reports to improve their overall experience and strengthen your firm’s reputation.

Prioritize high-value activities and achieve your goals

With increased productivity, reduced costs, and higher win rates driven from higher quality deliverables, Documotor can help you prioritize strategic, high-value activities and achieve your business goals.

Transform your data

Automatically include calculations and financial ratios in documents, making it easier for clients to understand their financial situation. This Increases the chances of accurate decision-making, trust, and loyalty with your clients

Automate your documents

Automate the process of creating financial statements, reports, and tax forms. Save time and effort by integrating your accounting software and client data to easily access financial information and create on-brand documents tailored to your specific clients

Integrate with e-signature

Integrate with e-signature and digital signature tools to have clients sign and approve their financial statements and documents digitally. Save time and effort, and create a more seamless, efficient, and faster service delivery process.

Integrate with any system

Integrate with any system backend, this gives you the flexibility to get data from various systems such as accounting software, CRM, ERP, etc. and use it to create documents.

Create and customize outputs in your favorite programs

Update the design of your documents without involving developers or other expensive resources. This means that you can make changes quickly and easily without incurring additional costs or delays. Output to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more formats to create visually appealing and easy-to-read financial statements and presentations, which can help you effectively communicate financial information to your clients

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Increased efficiency


Consistent and adhere to company brand guidelines, standards, and templates

4 secs

is all it takes to generate a 300 deck slide