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5 reasons
why you need
document automation

Creating documents is often still manual and
time-consuming, leading to inaccurate contracts, data, frustrated sales reps and lower win rates.

DocuMotor is here to change that!

1. Efficiency

Streamline your document generation, ensure compliance, reduce complexity, increase data fidelity and forecasting all in one single stroke.

Any system capable of transferring data can be used to automate documents. And the outcome?

Better documents, better data, better workdays.

2. Accuracy

With digital asset management  software, data fidelity can be completely revolutionized.
The journey of your documents can now be faster, error-free and always on brand.

What document do you want to automate? 

3. Security

Documents are the best way to share data that represents your business.

And with document automation, that data is automatically transformed into any document format and output you require.

That means Documotor doesn’t store any of the data that goes in it.

Your system remains untouched throughout.

4. Flexibility

There are no design restrictions to Documotor.

Other digital asset management tools out there lack the flexibility to make your output fit your company, forcing changes to the way you store data or how one can customize documents.

Automation is a commodity, but your design shouldn’t be.

5. Manageability

One system, easy to use.

No need to migrate platforms or change the way your store data:
a document is ready whenever the trigger tells it to be.

In effect, DocuMotor is invisible Рuntil you see the results.

Now is the time to start your automation journey


DocuMotor is the powerful document automation solution that streamlines and automates the document creation process for businesses.


With DocuMotor, businesses can create professional-looking documents quickly and easily, saving time and effort.