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We make every workday work better

Omnidocs is not just a new name. It’s a new brand with a new identity. We look different and we sound different, but we still act the same.

Up until now you might have known us as SkabelonDesign, but we’ve evolved into Omnidocs.

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We make
every workday
work better

You see, there’s something about work that isn’t quite working out anymore. In an era where everyone’s a publisher, too many spend their workdays wrestling with documents and late hours making stuff in Microsoft Office. Simply put, organizations are becoming less productive, and that’s not only bad for business, it’s impacting happiness on the job. ​

The good news? We’re here to fix it.​

We’re Omnidocs and since 2004 we’ve been squeezing more productivity out of screen time, freeing up room for talent to shine through, with our scalable approach to document creation. ​
It’s freedom within a framework.​

We put our energy into getting organizations on the same page, saving them time and money with on-brand solutions that fuel productivity, embed compliance, and increase happiness, all in a smarter way.​

That’s how we make every workday work better.​

Are you curious about document automation?

We've asked Omnidocs CTO Morten Hald Mortensen to break it down

Let Morten talk you through Omnidocs’ view on document automation, what our DocuMotor engine is, and how you can utilize both to improve your business processes.

Learn more about document automation 

We are transforming, but we are still the same people and the business is still based on our strong culture and intense domain knowledge
Jeppe Schytte-Hansen
Jeppe Schytte-Hansen
CEO, Omnidocs

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Since 2004, we’ve been squeezing more productivity out of screen time, freeing up room for talent to shine with our scalable approach to document creation. This was our passion 17 years ago and it’s still our passion today. Up until now you might have known us as SkabelonDesign, but we’ve evolved into Omnidocs.

We’ll still be working with templates, design and content, automation, accessibility, change management, document consulting, productivity tools and practically everything else that our clients need along their document journey. And we’re still your go-to guys and girls when it comes to Templafy solutions.

Our purpose is very straightforward:
We make every workday work better

About Omnidocs

What can document automation do for you?

The Templafy case 
Templafy, the global leader within content enablement, has revolutionized their data fidelity, increased their average deal size, and gotten happier sales reps.

How? By using document automation software to streamline the sales process, ensuring that contracts and quotes are on-brand and compliant by default.

Learn more about document automation

Taking corporate reports to the next level

The Bang & Olufsen case
Renowned Danish design icon Bang & Olufsen trusted Omnidocs to design their most important documents.

Bang & Olufsen has utilized Omnidocs’ software and design to take their document game to the next level. We’ve spoken with Senior Director Jesper Hejselbæk about his experience working with us, how Bang & Olufsen has incorporated Omnidocs’ software and design, and the effects this has had on the corporate reporting process.

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