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We make
every workday
work better

We’re Omnidocs, and since 2004 we’ve been squeezing more productivity out of screen time, freeing up room for talent to shine through with scalable approaches to document creation.

We're a document company

And our purpose is to make everyone’s workday work better. 

We assist our clients and partners with everything within the document realm. Together we create templates that unfold and enhance the brand value. We create in-document productivity tools that bridge the gaps and enable users to create better content faster and with less frustration. We pioneer document automation with Documotor, our innovative document and data transformation solution. Together with clients, we ensure that online documents, whether presentation or text, are accessible to all audiences.

We make 
every workday
work better

Document automation

Are you spending countless hours creating the same document repeatedly – just adding new data?


Are you tired of copy-pasting mistakes, off-brand documents, old disclaimers being used, rogue sales staff, and inaccurate data in your systems?


It’s time to automate your business documents!
You can integrate data from across your tech stack directly into the business document you care about.


Do your documents need a makeover?

Are you about to rebrand or looking for inspiration to elevate your designs?


With +20 years of experience, we can help you with dynamic document templates for every need.


Templates that are readymade and easy to implement.
Built-to-brand templates that are tailored to your brand identity.
Report templates that enable you to own the reporting process.

In-document productivity tools

Are you wasting time fiddling around with documents?

Tired of having the same issues over and over again?

Wishing there was a smarter way to work?


We got you covered!
Get excited by our innovative in-document productivity tools.

Everything you wish you had and all the features you didn’t know you were missing.


Is your website accessible and compliant with regulations? Are your online documents?


Now you can ensure that your online documents are PDF/UA compliant directly from the MS365 solution you use: Excel, PowerPoint, or Word.


Accessibility made easy.
Now your focus is on creating the best possible documents.

Why Omnidocs

Your organization spends countless hours creating, editing, and sharing business documents. Business documents based on templates.
At Omnidocs, we create dynamic and intuitive corporate templates that embed compliance, boost productivity, and increase happiness.


We’ve talked with Bethany Boutin from Cigna Group about what it’s like working with Omnidocs and how document templates can have genuine and profound business impact.

What if...?

At Omnidocs we create templates and solutions that set you free to do what you do best.
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Automate document creation and streamline your business processes

Documotor transforms your document workflows
It's time to say goodbye to manual document creation and hello to a better workday

Documotor is a powerful document automation solution that streamlines and automates the document creation process for businesses.
With Documotor, businesses can create professional-looking documents quickly and easily, saving time and effort.

Are you curious about document automation?

We've asked Omnidocs' CPO Morten Hald Mortensen to break it down
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5 reasons why you need document automation

Creating documents is often still manual and time-consuming, leading to inaccurate contracts, data, frustrated sales reps and lower win rates.

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Taking corporate reports to the next level

The Bang & Olufsen case 
Renowned Danish design icon Bang & Olufsen trusted Omnidocs to design their most important documents.

Bang & Olufsen has utilized Omnidocs’ software and design to take their document game to the next level. We’ve spoken with Senior Director Jesper Hejselbæk about his experience working with us, how Bang & Olufsen has incorporated Omnidocs’ software and design, and the effects this has had on the corporate reporting process.

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This is how you generate better business document, business data, and business results

The Templafy case
Templafy, the global leader within content enablement, has revolutionized their data fidelity, increased their average deal size, and gotten happier sales reps.

How? By using document automation software to streamline the sales process, ensuring that contracts and quotes are on-brand and compliant by default.


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